I Took A Walk

I took a walk. What do I mean by this? On Saturday, I attended a photo instructional walk with Austin resident, noted Magnum photographer, and all around nice guy, Eli Reed. He’s a fabulous photographer, I’ve always loved his work. You should check it out if you are so inclined. But, back to my walk.

So, we assembled at Precision Camera for the meeting and spend a few hours looking at work, discussing images, and hearing lots of tips and tricks from Eli Reed. Then, we assembled into various cars and headed down to the South Congress area of Austin. For those of you who do not know Austin very well, South Congress is a funky cool part of town. There’s now a boutique hotel (the Hotel San Jose) as well as lots of cool shops, restaurants, and the like. It’s quintessential Austin at its finest. Great place to go people watching and do some serious street photography, not to mention just funky cool stuff, even if you are into stuff like architecture or scenic photography. There’s something there for almost everybody. So, we headed down, I did some people watching, and tried out my new Lensbaby Velet56 lens (more on this in another post.)

It was a very humid day. We’ve had a lot of rain lately and, lucky for us, the rain held off. The light was a little higher than I would normally like it but still it was so wonderful just to walk about with camera, new lens, and Eli Reed. It really was a wonderful excursion. I feel so refreshed, even though I was sticky sweaty hot. Just getting out into it a bit reminded me how I have not been out in what feels like ages. It was really great to walkabout with camera in tow, checking things out, taking a few shots. I don’t think I got anything earth shatteringly good but it was just refreshing to be outside shooting for a change. (More on the new Lensbaby and the Hotel San Jose to follow.)

Did you ever feel like you just wanted to get out of the house? Then, when you did it was like being released from a cage? Yeah, it felt like that. Oh so nice to be out in it again. I feel like I’ve traveled only this time I went to my own city to explore. Such fun new things and so great to be enjoying it before the absolute heat of the summer sets in. I hope you get out and enjoy yourself this spring as well.

Until next time…

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