And to your left, we have…I need new LUGGAGE

This is what a traffic jam in Greece looks like. Hey! Slower boats to the right, please. Jeese. Who taught you to drive? Archimedes?!? Seriously, that caldera can get pretty crowded. (All this and, just my luck, Justin Bieber is somewhere down in that mess as well.)

So, I’ve been thinking about travel again. All the places I’ve been, all the places I want to go. I keep tossing it over in my mind but not for too long because, you see, I stop. I stop and I look and I wonder. I wonder how in the heck my suitcase is going to survive yet another trip? Like, seriously, it’s starting to show the signs of one too many gorilla baggage handlers. One more layover and it’s certain to crumble. And, I’m sure I don’t have to tell you, I don’t want to be the one to have to pick out all of my granny panties from an exploded suitcase on the silly airplane conveyer belt, oh no, Sir, not me! I’m going to have to just bite the bullet and buy a new suitcase already.

This feeling makes me start looking at bags I can buy. I browse websites. I start to read reviews. Who knew that there was such a difference between “light” and “ultra light” luggage? Oh gosh, this is turning into a nightmare. Really, folks, all I want is a suitcase. Three stars an a lot cheaper or do I spring for the four star model? Oh the humanity!

Seriously, who knew there were all of these reviews? I mean, come on. Who researches luggage? Don’t you just like go out and buy one? Nope. Not anymore! Thanks a lot Internet. You really got me this time. No, now I have to sift through reports, reviews, different sites, is it right for a lady? Do the wheels fall off after the gorilla has its way with it? Does it come in blue? Can I fit my tripod in? Will it nudge me over that oh so critical airline dictated 50 pound cutoff point? Somebody, help! Instead of dreaming about travel, all the places I’ll go, all the places I want to explore, nope, I’m stuck thinking about a bag. Ugh!

Luggage. Luggage? Luggage! I thought this Internet thing was supposed to make my life easier?!?

Until next baggage claim…

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