What the…DUCK? It’s Christmas Decor!

Very near my home there is a small neighborhood. Each year, one of the houses in this neighborhood would decorate for Christmas. Now, they didn’t put up the usual decorations, not really no, instead they took white (and by “white” I mean “white only” here, not twinkly, not mixed colors, just simple white) lights and strung them around the bottom of the trees in their front yard. Now, since the neighborhood in question is a bit older (the homes are older) this means that there were a host of tree trunks wrapped in white lights. Driving by, I used to call this area of the neighborhood the “forest of light” on account of all of the white lights and trees wrapped in them around the holiday season.

Fast forward a few years. Somebody across the street moved and new people moved in. They saw the “forest of light” (or whatever they might happen to call it) and decided, heck, why don’t we do that too? So, starting a few years ago, they too put up white lights around the bottom of the trees. Yes, it’s true. The “forest of light” had grown, actually doubled in size. (As a photographer, all I can say about that is “Woo Hoo!” I mean, more light is good light, right? And entire “forests” of light?!? Oh joy! Sign me up!) By now, you can probably see where this is going. The “forest of light” has crept around the block. People after people, house after house, have started putting up holiday lights. Now, not all of them are white or “forest of light” like, and that’s ok. I mean, what better time then to display some creativity than at the holidays with decorations, right?

So, for a while there, I was happy. We had the “blue palace” (all done up in blue lights) and the “blinky bungalow.” We had an expanded “forest of light” and, heck, we even had “the guy who couldn’t really climb up a ladder but still managed to get half-way up the garage door good on you for trying” corner lot. I must confess, even the “badly decorated” houses started to look…well…pretty decent, on account of the entire neighborhood, the whole little enclave, stringing up something for the holidays. The little neighborhood with its older homes really had some holiday spirit in there and it made me happy.

Then, this year, as I was driving through sometime about mid-November I spotted it. As I turned the corner, expecting to be on the approach for the “forest of light” there it was. Words failed me. This was the strangest decor I had seen all year. Heck, I’ll come out and say it. It just made no sense at all. Now, part of me wants to give the guy props for trying. Right? I mean, all things considered, he probably did do better than the guy who can’t climb the ladder. But…this? This was….just too odd for words. You see, as I turned the corner and started driving down the street, I happened upon what could only be described as a giant “Christmas duck.”

This makes no sense to me. I mean, for starters, what on earth do ducks have to do with Christmas? And then, even if you were to say, really really like ducks, why on earth would you want a two story giant Santa hat wearing Christmas duck on your front lawn? I mean, what’s wrong with say a snowflake or a giant Santa? It just boggles my mind. I’m sorry but I just can’t wrap my head around this giant Christmas duck. And yet, there it was. Plain as the nose on my face. A giant Christmas duck, propped up on the front lawn, proudly displayed, for all in the little neighborhood of older homes to see.

I decided, right then and there, that I had to do something with this duck. I had to snap a picture because, well, where *else* are you going to come across a giant Christmas duck? If I was surprised to find one, I’m fairly certain, there aren’t flocks of them running about this holiday season, so there must not be more than one, right? And, I still don’t know what to think about this. I mean, on the one hand, you have to give the guy props for trying. He did, in fact, get up the Christmas decor. It’s there for all the world to see. On the other hand though…man…a Christmas duck? What the heck were you thinking, buddy?!?!

So, I not only decided to take a photo of this wondrous creature, but I used my iPhone and made it look like it was all snowing and stuff. I figured I had to do that, because, well, if you happened to have a Christmas duck (and, heck, let’s face it, why would you? But, work with me here) you’d probably want said Christmas duck to be all covered in snow, right? I mean, ’tis the season and all. (‘Tis the freaking season and all indeed.)

So, now here you have it too. The giant Christmas duck for all to see and enjoy.

As I was driving home the other night, it was starting to get dark and I thought, “Oh no, I’m going to miss seeing the big Christmas duck after the sun sets.” But, to my surprise, the giant Christmas duck is not only a giant Christmas duck. No. It’s actually a two story, giant, yellow, Santa hat wearing *lighted* Christmas duck. Yes, it’s true. Said ducky lights up at night so you can see him. I mean, not that you really *want* to see a giant Christmas duck and all but, heck, if you did, we’d have one here, tucked away in this little neighborhood of older homes, waiting for you to drive by and spot it. Why look! There it is! The giant two-story lighted Christmas duck for all to see and enjoy. Bring the kids!

Wow! Who knew? A giant lit up Christmas duck. All brought to you by the wonders of the iPhone.

I hope y’all have a very Merry Christmas and, it goes without saying really, but…watch out for the giant ducks!

Until next time…

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