Two Blue Domes and a Flat Tire to Spare

Blue domed churches in Santorini Greece near the town of Fira - architecture

Earlier today, I was sitting watching a movie with the folks when there was a knock upon our door. Turns out it was a neighbor being neighborly enough to drop in and tell me that my car tire was going flat. After a more careful inspection, I noticed that  the tire did indeed look a bit low so I had to call the auto club and now I’ve got one of those little “doughnut” spare tires on the buggy. Oh, you know, you just know how much I *love* those little “doughnut” tires (in case it’s not obvious, I’m being sarcastic here. Man, I really *hate* those stupid little “doughnut” tires and, Lord, please help me get to the tire place tomorrow morning without incident.) So now I’ve got the stupid “doughnut” to contend with. Blecky poo! That’s all I have to say about that. Well, that and at least the movie was pretty decent.

It’s cold, it’s almost raining here in River City, and there’s just no light to be found today. On top of that, the weatherman promised, man, he totally promised that the sun would come out today and that it would be “warmer with a sunny afternoon.” I’m calling balderdash on that one. It’s cold, almost raining, and there’s not a light to be found in the sky. It’s one of those dark, dreary days where you just want to stay in and have a bowl of soup. Not even enough light to do good black and whites. (For you non-photographers out there, that’s really not a lot of light in the sky at all.) All of this, wonder of wonders, and my tire’s gone flat too. Oh joy! (I really hate it when they tell me it’s going to be sunny and warm and it turns out to be cold and rainy instead. I feel like I was robbed or something.)

Yes, I know I’m being just a bundle of joy today. Like a field of unicorns pooping out rainbows of happiness everywhere I go. Sorry, can’t help myself. I’d say I’ve driven myself crazy except that the car doesn’t really move all that well, what with the silly “doughnut” and all, and I’m really slightly crazy to begin with so it’s not that far of a drive on a good day.

I thought I would take myself back to a sunnier place, so sharing this image with you today. It’s our “local two blue church domes” from Santorini (these were right near the hotel) and the Aegean Sea in the background. Taken on a nice, sunny, warm day, early morning-ish. I don’t have the EXIF handy but I can guess at this one: ISO 100, walkabout zoom set on the wide (near the 28mm end.) Stopped down and near the 1/100th range on account of the nice, sunny, warm, day. (Guessing here, but there probably wasn’t a bowl of soup, or a flat tire, in sight.)

Until next time…


  1. Janice / Dancing with Sunflowers
    November 18, 2014 / 8:08 pm

    I hope your week got better! 🙂

    I do always love a Greek church with the blue dome and the Aegean in the background. Great photo. Very nice of them to build your hotel right next door.

  2. Carol
    November 19, 2014 / 2:27 am

    Thanks, Janice. It was convenient, that's for sure. :~)

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