Bringing It All Back Home Again

Marilyn Mural, originally uploaded by carolsLittleWorld.

I’m back from the road. Was a great trip, had a lot of fun, shot a bit, got to see some stuff. Great food. All of that. Been bunchloads of tired since I got back so haven’t had a chance to do much of anything. Not even unpacked just yet, although I have started that a bit. The laundry pile, why, I can hear it calling my name already.

This shot was taken during the First Friday art walk, which I attended. It is a mural of Elvis and Marilyn along the side of an art center in the downtown arts district. Fun place that was! Phew! I loved the First Friday events, although I can’t say I got tons of images. It was kind of hard to shoot but oh so much fun to attend.

Have yet to touch the Compact Flash pile from the road either. I keep saying, “yeah, tomorrow, man, tomorrow” but, as you all well and know, tomorrow never really comes, does it? I started the upload process on the road, so I’ve got the hard drive setup, just haven’t uploaded all of the cards, nor have I unpacked the laptop, the card reader, the wiring, and all of the stuff I need, pulling it out of the carry-on and back into a portable/walk-around bag I can take with me again. Once I do that, I promise, I’ll have some uploads from the “real” camera for you. (I promise.) Until then, it’s probably iPhone stuff and a few odds and ends (I really did go to Vegas to take pictures, you’ll just have to trust me until I can get everything uploaded and all.)

Thinking about notes on the road, unpacking, and the like, I really do have to get better at this. Especially since I’m going to be traveling a bit more in the weeks (months?) to come. I need to get this entire process down to where it is more efficient. I’ve been taking too long to pack, waiting until the last minute, and then never unpacking. Note to self: need to fix this, so travel doesn’t “hurt” so much.

I’ll have a top 10 list as soon as I unpack the Flash memory pile and get to it. I’ve got some stuff to say but, for now anyway, just recovering from travels, trying to sleep off jet lag, and wondering when that pile of laundry is going to get itself done.

Until next time…

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  1. Great Grandma Lin
    April 12, 2013 / 12:34 pm

    sounds familiar but fun!

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