Blessed Saint Mary of the April Fool

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Today is April Fool’s Day. It’s also the day right after Easter Sunday. Something struck me as quite funny (actually “odd” would be a better word) about these two events happening so close together this year.

I take things too seriously. Seriously, I do. Serious, serious, serious. That’s me, all the time, always being so darned serious. Like the sky really is going to fall, the world is going to come to an end, or heck, I really just should be doing it this way kind of serious. Ugh! I’m always taking things so seriously. I’m always running things over in my head, thinking about how I need to do this or do that or what comes next or how to leverage this into that or how to get this or how I really need that. I do so much of this, that, sometimes anyway, it feels like I forget to have fun.

I think God intended for us to have fun. Oh, don’t get me wrong, I’m not knocking the power of the Easter Sunday. Not making fun of or trying to belittle the Resurrection in any way shape or form. Trust me, I know that’s *serious* stuff. About as serious as serious stuff can get actually.

But God also made April Fool’s Day, and He did it for a reason. We’re supposed to be serious creatures, yes, when the time calls for it. But, I think on some level anyway, we’re supposed to have some fun too. I mean, if you aren’t enjoying it, it you aren’t have fun on some level, then maybe you’re not really doing it right. See what I mean? The cosmos, the great power in the sky, whatever you believe it, surely it wanted you to have some fun too, didn’t it? I mean, that’s why everybody smile in photographs-we actually really do look better that way. It’s how we were designed. To smile. To laugh. To enjoy the world and all its glory. Seriously, we were.

So, this year anyway, I’m going to take a clue, take a hint, pick up on that theme and run with it. I’m going to Vegas, yes. I’m going to try to shoot some serious night photography, shoot the Boneyard in all it’s glory, heck, shoot the town up. Indeed. But, somewhere in there, somewhere between the folds of getting the tripod setup, using the timer in dark, climbing around the dead neon signs wondering when (if?) I had my last tetanus shot, I’m going to try to have some fun too. Heck, even if I have to force myself, I’m going to have some fun. Fun, fun, fun. Me. This is me having some fun. Seriously. I deserve it. (Don’t I?)

Seriously. Fun. I’m going to give it a try this time. Don’t you think it’s long overdue?

Until next time…

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