It's Time for the 5×7 Show

PaintedOcean, originally uploaded by carolsLittleWorld.

Every year, come the start of the year, I get this email. “Do you want to participate in the 5×7 show?” I also say, “Yes” because, heck, it’s such a good cause and all. Of course, I also wait until almost the last minute and just squeak in my work, but it’s all good.

The way the show works is that, once we sign up, the good folks over at Arthouse send us two 5×7 panels, artboards really, upon which we can create anything we want. Anything. Any kind of art at all. Anything. When I say “anything” I really mean, well, ANYTHING. Whatever you put on the board, and send back to them, why, that’s what they put in the show.

Sounds simple, right?

It’s all good. So, I sign up, and almost forget about it (each and every year I do this.) Funny thing, too, the boards come and land on my doorstep. THUMP. There they are. It’s almost like getting writer’s block or some such thing, what with that big, bad, blank page staring you back in the face. Oh my, an empty canvas! Oh the horror! (Now, remind me again, where did I leave my wine glass? And why is it empty? Oh…..right….)

The prints are supposed to be anonymous. We’re not supposed to sign them, only on the back. The idea behind the show is that they hang up all of the 5×7 boards that come in and they sell all of the work for a flat cost. You pick out the work you like, pull the pin corresponding to the piece you want (Ha! Sometimes, there are fights over some of the work. When I say “fights” I mean like elbow raising, hair pulling kind of “fights.” Really.) If you’re lucky enough to make it to the cash register with your pin (and, in some cases, what’s left of your hair) you get yourself a new piece of art. The Arthouse gets some money from all of this (to be used for new programs, teaching, and the like) and the artists get thanks and free membership (and a few other goodies.)

I’ve always done black and white prints. It’s sort of a tradition. Last year, I did a bird and a tree. This year, I’m doing a bird and the ocean. I guess I didn’t take enough shots of trees last year but, anyway, there you have it.

So, hopefully sometime soon, I’ll be dropping off my two 5×7 boards, with my black and white images on them, for the 5×7 project. Unfortunately, I think I’ll be traveling at the time of the opening, so I won’t be able to witness (firsthand) all of the pin pulling/hair raising events, but it promises to be a good time. Should you happen to be going, be on the lookout (I guess) for some ocean and some birds. Oh, and some flying hair too because, well, heck, that’s sure to be there as well.

Until next time…

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