The Big Game

Not being much of a football fan leaves me without much to do on Super Bowl Sunday. Most years, I cave and wind up watching at least part of the game, although, if I must confess, I always prefer watching the commercials. The commercials are the most creative part of the game for me, and I love checking out the new ones.

This year though, something really weird happened. I had a kind of busy day and busy time of it over the weekend and I had not gotten my usual Sunday afternoon “nap fest” in as planned, but I did manage to make myself some onion dip and secure some chips just in case I changed my mind at the last minute and decided to watch the game.

So, it got to be about 4:30, maybe even closer to the end of the day, and I had spent a good part of the day fighting with iTunes and my new iPhone (Attention: for those of you who know me, all three of you out there, *waves* my iPhone works once again. Yes, it’s true. I interrupt this blog to bring you an important announcement: my iPhone works and you can call me once again. Not like you will because I know you know how much a camera my iPhone really is, but there you have it.) I was tired and full of onion dip so, like, what’s a girl to do? I spread out on the couch, grabbed the remote, and thought, why not? I’ll just chill until the “big” game comes on. Right? Right? (Oh, you can probably guess how *this* is going to end now, can’t you?)

I woke up and it must have been around 7 pm. “Oh darn,” I thought aloud to myself, “I must have already missed all of the juicy commercials.” Turns out I didn’t. Well, maybe I hadn’t at that point. I turned on the game, only to find Beyonce singing. Ah, halftime! It would appear that I tuned in just in time to catch the half-time show. “No worries,” I thought to myself, “there’s still plenty of commercials to go around!” I thought I remembered too, hearing something about Beyonce singing a song during the half-time show so I sat up a bit and watched Ms. Thing do her, well, *thing* as it were. The thing I didn’t know, or didn’t realize at the time, was that the half-time show performance number “thing” is about 20 minutes long. Beyonce kept singing and singing and singing. Every time she would bow her head, as if she finished one song, she would then pop it up a few seconds later only to start another. Who knew Beyonce even had so many songs? Eh “If you like it then you should have put a ring on it,” to you too. Finally, after what seemed like an hour of “half-time” the game started back up again.

They had some kind of a kickoff type maneuver during the second half and some guy got the ball and run all the way down the other end of the field. When I say, “ran” I actually mean more like “took off like greased lightning,” he was that fast. Phew! I take back whatever I’ve said about football players being fat, dumpy, out of shape and convicted wife-beating felons (well, they still are that, um, most of it anyway.) This guy took off and ran like there was no tomorrow. He ran faster than Grant took Richmond. He ran faster than….well, you get the idea. Took off he did, and he ran himself all the way into some kind of record-breaking 109 odd yard touchdown. Wow. Who knew, right? I got tired just watching him run around on my TV set.

Then, the lights went out.

This was rather odd, as I didn’t even know lights could go out in a stadium, much less go out in the middle of the super bowl. But, go out the lights did, it actually got dark for a second or two there. The good announcers and sports type people kept coming back on, telling us how the power would be restored any second now, how it was just a matter of a few minutes now, yada, yada. Whatever. Once again, I feel asleep.

So, what was my take-away from this big game “thing.” Let’s see now:
* Beyonce can sing and shake her “booty-licious” self for more than 20 minutes
* Some football player can actually run the entire length of the field. In tights.
* To paraphrase Gladys Knight, “That’s the night that the lights went out in [New Orleans]”
* I really need to get more sleep.
* Oh, and perhaps my favorite of the bunch: my iPhone works again. Yay!

What a great game indeed.

Until next time…

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