We Love it Crazy, We're Crazy in Love

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Just got back from a long day downtown at the EAST tour where I met probably close to 10,000 of you. *Waves* It’s been a crazy day. It’s been a busy day. It’s been crazy busy. I met the folks, pet the dogs, made silly faces at the kids, talked to press, sold some artwork, and had an overall crazy busy kind of a day. I have to say our studio looks *great* thanks to Cari and Scott and a host of other people. The area down by Bay 6, Pigoata, and Big Medium is filled with fantastic artwork of all kinds. Everything from sculpture to ceramics to paintings to encaustics to photography-it’s all there, even performance art.

It’s great to see it all come together like this, really it is. It’s great to meet the folks, see the kids, pet the dogs, dust off the artwork, and get the word out. It’s crazy, yes, it’s crazy busy, yes, but we love it that way. In fact, we would not have it any other way. We really love it crazy and we’re crazy in love – passionate about art, about supporting the arts in Austin, about seeing art get supported in Austin, about making new connections, meeting new people, and the entire lot of it.

Sometime, after eight o’clock tonight, I ran into an artist friend of mine. She had stopped by the studio after spending an equally crazy day at her studio, just to see how we were holding up. She walked in and said to us, “you guys look like you were run over by a freight train!” We did too. We looked like 10,000 people had trampled across our foreheads, really we did. But, the fact is, we love it. We love what we do and we love meeting the masses and we love the craziness of it all. Truth be told, EAST just wouldn’t be EAST without it. And, while there might be many of you, very many of you, in fact, and, yes, maybe some of you bring too many friends over to our studio all at once (quit blocking the aisles please!) we’d hate it if you weren’t there. We want to see all of you-see you and talk to you and share our artwork. That’s why we do this, that’s why we are here, that’s what we do, and, heck today of all days proved that, well, we do it quite well (if I might say so myself.)

So, yes, if you haven’t come out yet to visit us at EAST, there’s still time. The craziness continues next weekend, and we hope you’ll join us. For two more days, there will be 10,000 more people (or more! EAST gets crowds of about 30,000 or so I’m told. Ahem: Please don’t all try to fit into Pigoata Studios at once please. And, if you do, we ask that you please do not block the aisles. Too much. We thank you for your attention to this matter — The Management)

EAST is a crazy time. We are crazy people. We love EAST and we love being crazy. We’re crazy in love with what we do and, this time of year anyway, it’s getting to meet and talk art with a crazy number of you folks out there. So, come on, be a part of our crazy little world. You know you want to. And we’d love to have you. Just please, well, try not to block too many of those aisles, OK?

Until next time…

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  1. Great Grandma Lin
    November 12, 2012 / 2:00 pm

    congrats-sounds like a great success…do you really need the robot recognition characters-they drive me nuts! I'm on my third attempt to leave a comment-it's driving me crazy!!!!1

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