Today is a Day for Bread and Circuses

It’s election day in the US. Did you get out and rock the vote? Most of the “talking heads” on my TV are saying that this is going to be a close race and that there will be a lot of counting going on this evening. Because of that, we might not get to know who wins the election until the wee hours of Wednesday morning. You already know my viewpoints on all of this, so I won’t re-hash them here other than to say I’ll be quite happy when the “circus” part of this “bread and circuses” bit is over with. Phew! I dislike politicians even more than rats (actually, come to think of it, I have nothing really against rats.)

Today has been quite the calamity day. So far, somebody almost dropped something on my head and nearly killed me and then, if that we not enough, the soda machine that I frequent served me a soda can with a hole in it, spewing fizzy beverage all over the place. This does not bode well for the evening hours so, I feel I must mention it here, if somebody should happen to kill me in the next few hours or if I should get into some horrible kind of accident, please do not take this as me being despondent over the election results. No, it would actually be that I’m just having that kind of a day today.

It’s that kind of a day today, yes it is, why, it’s that kind of a day today. (Look out below!)

Until next time (I hope!)…

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  1. Great Grandma Lin
    November 7, 2012 / 3:33 pm

    hope you made it through the night…

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