The Poetry of Quiet

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It’s been very quiet lately. I almost hate to admit it, but I’ve really been enjoying it. I’ve enjoying curling up with a good book, taking a nap in the afternoon, and having tea on Monday. There’s nothing quite wrong with tea on Monday, is there?

Sometimes, I feel like living life is so hectic. It’s crazy. It’s fun at time, yes, and, for the most part, I would not have it any other way. But, every once in a while, I want to take a walk out in the rain. I want to wear my sweats all day. I want to enjoy the quiet solace of a good conversation in the corner of my space, free from the burden of pesky ears listening in, telephones ringing, and the like. I want to enjoy the sound the fog doesn’t make as it curls around my back door. I want to hear the subtleties in those quiet sounds a gentle breeze makes as it ruffles through my backyard trees. There’s something very poetic about quiet, really there is. I wish all the world could hear quiet every once in a while, even if it’s just so we can collectively all remember what it sounds like, as we seem to forget these sorts of things.

I can recall one time talking with Sharon, an artist friend of mine. She was asking me if I would be willing to do something, to help her out with something. I agreed but also told her that I might have to schedule it and would she be willing to wait for it a bit. I told her I had been exceptionally busy and did not know why, didn’t understand really what was going on at the time.

“You’re an artist,” she told me, “and why that’s just how artists are.”

Maybe so. And, frankly, I think I am. I think a lot of the times I am really that busy, running around with my ears chopped off, running around, trying to keep up, trying in vein to keep up the pace. That’s all well and good too, I normally love the busy, busy, busy, go, go, go, I want it now carnival style atmosphere that being a working artist brings. It’s a great life and I would not change a thing. I almost feel as if I should be booking travel and just shutting up about all of this already.

Every now and again though, I really enjoy that cup of tea on a Monday afternoon. I enjoy curling up with that book I’ve been meaning to read, or petting the dog just a little bit longer. Sure, I love the hectic crazy pace, but I’ve also come to love and appreciate the calm quiet that comes my way as well.

Life is a balancing act, I guess, and all the men and women merely acrobats.

Until next time…

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