Happy Halloween – Now Go Make Some Art Already

ComeToMyWindowOfHorror, originally uploaded by carolsLittleWorld.

I’ve always loved Halloween; it’s one of my favorite holidays. I love it because it’s associated with nighttime, it’s edgy with a touch of darkness, not to mention my birthday is around this time of year. Of course, when I was younger, being a kid, I sort of hated it because it dictated that my birthday cake would be, once again, brown and orange. (When I was a kid, I always wanted for my birthday a white birthday cake simply because I could never get one-everything coming from the bakery around this time of year is orange and brown. Trust me. Orange and brown and brown and orange and, well, there just aren’t all that many pretty white cupcakes this time of year. It is, after all, the season of the witch.)

Now that I’m an adult and a working artist, I love Halloween for different reasons. Sure, I still can’t get that white cake (I’ve long since given up trying-chocolate, anyone! And, yes, I even love the candy corn, too sweet as it is.) The thing about Halloween now is that it’s so *inspirational*. By that, I mean, there’s a lot of art to be seen out there this time of year. Halloween is filled with all kinds of symbolism and substance. Sure, there’s lots of candy (just no white cake!) but there are also witches, darkness, night, spiders, autumn, pumpkins, and even murders of crows walking about. I mean, come on, when do you otherwise get to walk around amid murders of crows? Talk about symbolism! Talk about substance! You could do entire art projects just based upon that alone. And, heck, don’t even get me started on the ghosts. (Ah, ghosts. Isn’t that what night photography is all about anyway? Did somebody say a ghost? Where?!?! Count me in!!!)

So, yes, the candy and the kids and the costumes and maybe a boring old pumpkin are out there but, while you’re out and about today, look too at the deeper things. Try to think of some new art projects. Think about some of the symbolism and substance that’s out in that cold, dark night tonight as well. It will do your art (body) good!

Happy Halloween! I hope you get to go out and enjoy yourself, yes, but I hope too that you’ll think of things in a new light and come up with some really interesting projects thanks to the season of the witch.


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