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So, I’ve been thinking about getting an iPad for a while but just haven’t managed to pull the trigger. Yesterday, I was browsing a bit yet again and I was feeling a bit of a spendthrift, so I started shopping on the Interwebs.

Instead of an iPad, I wound up buying a new printer. I am soon to be the proud new owner of an Epson R3000 series printer. This printer features hot swappable black inks as well as Epson’s new HDR inkset. It will also run fibre paper, which I absolutely love. It’s limitations are that it only prints 13×19’s (no 16×20’s for me just yet) and that it is a bit slow to swap out inks when moving between matte black and photo black. No worries though, as I’ve wanted a new printer for a while now and this one really just fits the bill.

I’ve wanted a printer, and for good reason, for a while now. A new printer will allow me to better print on different papers. A new printer will allow me to cut down the amount of time I spend prepping for shows, since printing will be quicker for me now and, hopefully, less error-prone. I’ll have snazzier looking prints and be able to move more photos. It’s a direct impact to my bottom line, as it were, as a photographer.

A new iPad? Not so much. Sure, it’s a great device and, yes, now it even has a spiffy new camera on it, plus a great retina display, but it has little, if any, impact upon my bottom line. Yes, I would like to get an iPad someday but, frankly speaking, I don’t *need* an iPad. A new printer? Yes, I so need one of these (well, need is a bit of a stretch but, having one? Yes, that would so help me out in more ways than one.)

Often, what we spend on as photographers is not what most would call “sexy.” Everybody has this wonderful vision of photographers always drop shipping spiffy new shiny white L-series lenses off to exotic locations. Frankly, I’ve done some of that too. I do have (now anyway) what many would call a “sexy” camera and I do have my share of L-series glass. Canon is not hurting for want of money “donated” by yours truly. But, yesterday, I also purchased some postcards and new business cards to be used in my next marketing campaign and push for my next round of shows. These were what I would have to call “completely un-sexy” but very necessary and helpful to me in advancing as a photographer. Sometimes too, yes it’s true, you have to spend money on things like postcards (as boring as that might sound.) So, while it’s not “sexy” I too will soon be the proud owner of some spiffy new Moo postcards.

The printer? Yes, that’s on its way to me. The iPad, maybe next time, as my next purchase will probably be me booking travel to points afar and, surprise! A lot of ink to go with my spiffy new printer.

I am always surprised by a lot of folks starting out in photography, how they budget, scrimp, and save up for that spiffy new camera. Sure, a camera is great, it’s very important, in fact, but many people over-buy a camera. Most basic cameras do what you need them to do. Sure, it’s great to have the latest and greatest newfangled thing but, frankly speaking, if you are just starting out, you might seriously consider spending less on a camera and investing your hard-earned dollars in other places. Things like postcards, ads, marketing, business cards (remember those?) go a long way. I can’t tell you how many photographers I meet who do not have proper business cards. Spend $5000 on a camera and a bit of L-series glass? No problem. Broke and can’t spend $50 on a set of business cards? What are you thinking, man? That’s crazy.

I’ve always said my most profitable model happened when I was shooting my $350 camera and the economy allowed me to sell my prints for more than that. Yes, it’s true, I was selling one single framed print for $375. Doesn’t sound sexy, no, but me making and selling one print, just one little old print, paid for my entire camera rig. And selling 10 or 20 prints? Wow. Can you say “profit!” Yes, that’s a sexy sound to my ears. So, while I might not have had the sexiest of sexy rigs, I made out like a bandit.

A lot, so much in fact, of what we do in life is about tradeoffs. Do we skip the latte and put the money towards something better? Do we eat out 10 times a week but maybe not go to as many movies? Photography is no different. Sometimes the most successful people got there by sticking to the basics, finding out what is really important, and spending wisely. To put it another way: it’s always new in the store and money is hard to come by. (Learn that fact if you want to be a successful photographer, for it surely will help.)

Enough preaching from me today. Heck, who am I to talk? I just spent a bucket load of money on a new printer!

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