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Time for a commercial, as they say, since I’ve got some show news to tell you about.

For starters, I have work included in the Winter exhibit over at A. Smith Gallery in Johnson City. The show opens this Saturday evening and runs for about a month. It’s a great looking show from what I have seen of it, juried by Jean Caslin former director of the Houston Center for Photography. Great looking show, that one is and it’s out in the beautiful Hill Country when the weather is nice. What more could you ask, right?

After that I will have work included in the People’s Gallery at the Austin City Hall. This is always a big shindig of a show, with about 26,000 people showing up (that’s not a type-o) for the opening night festivities. It usually even makes it onto the evening news (they film live from there opening night) so look for that if you are in the Austin area. It always promises to be a great show, with tons of varied work. For those of you not from the Austin area, the Austin City Council holds a year-long show of art inside the City Hall building, which is a wonderful new building right in middle of downtown. It’s a modern stone and copper building with wonderful angles and lines and they absolutely fill it with artwork. They have a juror for the work too, sometimes a jury panel even, it’s actually a bit hard to get into the show, as many artists from the Austin-area apply to get into the exhibition, it’s free to enter, and all of that. I was one of the lucky ones selected this year, so my work will be up in the City Hall for the next 11 months or so.

Lastly, I’ve got some work included in the upcoming Austin Visual Arts Association (AVAA) 35th Anniversary show at the Dougherty Arts Center (DAC.) AVAA at the DAC is a big deal too, in part because I’m on the faculty for the DAC but also because AVAA is one of the oldest artist organizations in Austin and they always put on great shows. Great shows, I tell you, with lots of festivities and fun for all. The DAC is such a great venue for the AVAA shows. A few years ago, Liz Smith, the columnist for the Daily News showed up for the opening reception. (Really, she did. I’m not making this up-she was in town and decided to just pop by for a visit.) I didn’t speak to her but I was later told she almost bought one of my pieces. Like, wow, who knew, right? AVAA shows are like that though-you can have a brush with fame and not even really know it. Of course, this being Austin, some guy riding a bicycle while wearing a thong might show up as well. Odds are about equal on that one, although there’s no telling really where the guy in the thong would carry a painting if he were to purchase one. I’ll leave this as an, ahem, “exercise for the reader” and just move right on along.

I’m also wrapping up some plans for the coming year. This year, I hope to travel a bit more and then also maybe do some classes, plus I’m getting a lot of shows together. I’ve also been painting up a storm, so look for me to finish those anytime soon and try to drum up a 1-person show of my paintings. Of course, I say that now, as if this really could happen but, you never do know. (It would be a prettier picture than the guy in a thong on a bicycle, that’s for sure.)

This shot is from the volcano area in Kona. Originally, I was going to upload it and include some long-form post about how I’ve been kind of depressed lately. I’ll spare you the details, but I’ve been feeling a bit down in the dumps recently. Maybe some of these shows and more painting will help get me out of my doldrums. Eh, one can only hope, right? (“Hey! You there….Guy in a thong riding a bicycle carrying a large recently-purchased painting…Yes, I’m talking to you. Please come ride over this way. I sure could use a good laugh right about now….” We thank you in advance for your friendly cooperation. –The management.)

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  1. Great Grandma Lin
    January 25, 2012 / 1:56 am

    it's difficult to stay up all the time because life gets in the way…right now I'm in the mother-in-law woes starring me and one uptight pregnant dg-in-law, not a good combination…time to focus on my art and escape…lol!

  2. Carol
    February 1, 2012 / 3:47 am

    I'm lucky in that I get to do my escape on a regular basis. Lucky, yes, but still sometimes feels like work. Paperwork especially gets me down some these days. Best of luck with the dg-in-law.

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