Studio Day Today – Santa Fe Sunset-ish

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Studio day today. Wasn’t much to brag about but wasn’t completely horrible either. Got one large new piece finished, started with the oil sticks on another (really like how this one came out-here’s hoping I don’t screw it up completely when it comes to adding the wax!) and finished one small piece that can only be described as “weird.” Not sure I like, not sure I hate, just sort of “meh” but that’s ok. There’s enough studio lovin’ to go around these days, what with all of the prints I’ve been making up, please the fun I’ve been having with the oil sticks on the Encaustic boards. Yes, I know, “pics or it didn’t happen.” I hope to upload some shots of the recent encaustic work soon, well, as soon as I take them, that is. Have to get off my duff and do that first, don’t I? (Yeah, I know, sucks for me too. And you don’t even have to spot me the Compact Flash.)

In case that “off the cuff” language doesn’t fully translate, I’ve been working on a new, larger encaustic series (well 18×24 if you count that as being “large.” Sure blows through a lot of wax!) I’m not quite sure what to call this series, but the “inspiration” (if you can call it that) is sunset in Santa Fe. Know I know, I just know, how absolutely *horrible* that sounds. Like bad Route 66 motel art only worse, right? Like otherwise good kitsch gone bad, horribly wrong actually. But it isn’t, I mean, it’s not really, although it could be. These are very abstract and just sort of “red-ish” (maybe more “brown-ish” than “red-ish” but really “earth-tone-y-ish” only that’s too long and really gloriously hard to say.) What I’m really trying to say here is that these are just actually abstracts (complete abstracts) done up in colors that remind me of the sunsets out in Santa Fe. And that’s not really very “Route 66 motel-ish” only worse if you think about which, you know, I’m sure you won’t (well, not for very long anyway.)

I’m totally open to suggestions for names for this series. If you have any, do please shoot them my way. I’m sure it will help once I get off my duff and post some actual pictures, right? (Yes, I know, pictures to follow. Don’t I always say that? And, sometimes even, it comes true.)

Been an otherwise quiet weekend. Was under the weather yesterday (man, what a headache! Darn allergies!) and then studio time and some good eats today. About to fall over with some green tea and catch up on some TV viewing before heading in for an early night.

On the subject of TV, lately anyway, it seems like Saturday night offers up the wildest of TV adventures for those courageous enough to venture into the land otherwise known as “basic cable.” Last night, I actually found myself in bed with a migraine but also inexplicably torn between watching the Christmas episode of “Wipeout!” or a marathon of “Storage Wars!” For some reason (you’ll probably never get me to admit to this in public again, so you might want to actually pay attention here) I find both of these TV shows mildly addictive. I mean, watching a bunch of wanna-be athletes fumble around getting knocked off “snow balls” by giant nutcrackers while trying their darnedest not to fall into a frozen lake was oddly watchable television. And then there’s Storage Wars. Oh, now what can I say about Storage Wars. I just love Barry. He’s so cute. Last night he took some old TV set from the 50’s, brought it over to his artist friend and had him make an art project/diorama out of it. Amazing! I so want one of those. And this too can be yours for a mere $6000. Every time I watch that show, I swear, I wind up thinking, “Damn! I’m in the wrong business!” I so want to do *that* for a living. Don’t you?

Well, it beats playing around with oil sticks and making something that can best be described as “Sorta Santa Fe Sunset-ish if you squint really hard,” that’s for sure. At least I think it does.

Until next time…


  1. Scriber's Web
    December 19, 2011 / 3:10 pm

    Permeates. That's what I have been thinking about your art series. And each piece would be "something" permeates. What do you think?

  2. Anonymous
    December 19, 2011 / 8:42 pm

    Thanks for the suggestion. I am thinking about calling it "Desert at Dusk" although I don't really like that name either. At this point, I'm going to finish the work and then try to figure out what to call it. It might be easier that way. To look at it and then try to come up with names, rather than force a name upon it now. I really do like the series, it's just "Santa Fe Sunset" sounds so horrible to me and I haven't really liked any other name. Nothing else fits, but maybe it will once the work is done.

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