Light the Night

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This past Saturday was the local Austin version of “Light the Night.” This light the night walk is a charity walk to raise money for blood cancer charities. This year, I participated as a photographer, so I volunteered to take some pictures for the local crew.

It was wonderful weather, a little bit hot but a nice breeze and a very clear day. We had a great walk. Lots of folks turned out and there was great food and events for the kids. I had a great time photographing the event, in-between running around to galleries and such (I also had my gallery opening this Saturday.)

At the end of the events for Light the Night, there is a big walk around the lake over at the Mueller (old airport) site. It had started to grow dark and me there, of course without flash, well, what’s a girl to do?

I opted to do a couple of things (look for a separate blog post on this later) but basically this is one of the panning “paint with light” shots that I did. I love these kind of shots because they are so expressive. I love how you can find things in them, like see people’s faces or catch a glimpse of something but not really get a good, full view. It’s sort of the “hints and allegations” style of photography that I love so much. Anyway, I did a bunch of these before heading off to my next event.

I thought that I would post one here for you today to enjoy. I hope you had a great weekend and got in lots of shooting too, no matter where your camera takes you.

Until next time…

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