Texas Fires, Long Weekends, and Other Stuff

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In case you have not heard the news, there are some large fires in Texas near where I live. So far, Cedar Park has not been evacuated, although I’m told this could change at any time now. There is a big fire in Bastrop, Texas, which is burning out of control and also another fire in Steiner Ranch, Texas, actually part of Austin/Travis County area, near the dam and the Oasis restaurant. The Steiner Ranch fire, I believe, has been contained, although I’m not one hundred percent certain of that. I have many friends that live in Steiner Ranch so I’m pulling for all of them. Facebook seems to be hopping with various details of the Steiner Ranch fire, including maps and details of the houses that have been razed on account of the fire.

So far, I’m safe. Apologies if I have to use my blog for more mundane types of things, like send messages to friends and family in distant places, alerting them that I’m ok. Sometimes, I need to do this, though I try to keep it to a minimum.

In other news, I’m very behind on my paperwork and things I’m supposed to be doing this weekend. I got very little done, other than rest up and try to follow along with what was happening with the fires. I’m very scared of the fire situation, so I’m following it closely. I hope to catch-up on some paperwork tomorrow, as time permits.

It’s also the long weekend here in Texas. We have off from work today, and it has been a nice day. A bit cooler than usual and breezy. Not helping the fires much but, for those of us not ablaze, it’s an otherwise nice day.

Many of the animals in Steiner Ranch and Bastrop have been displaced as well. There are some folks running around getting into people’s houses in order to feed/pet their dogs, cats, birds, etc. Thank goodness for these people, otherwise the pets would really suffer. I won’t bore you with all of the details about this but it makes me happy that folks in Texas also care for the animals.

In other news, I’m copying my Iceland images up to my main hard drive, which is slated to take hours, so I’m going to be popping in and out for a bit while I wait for this to happen. I have to figure out my class schedule and I have some other, more boring items to catch-up with this weekend.

On Friday, I did make it over to the Texas Wax show at the DAC. It’s a beautiful show and I recommend that anybody in town go and check it out if they can. I believe it will be up for a month or so, please have a look if you are so inclined. It’s a great show because it showcases a lot of the possibilities of things you can do with wax medium. Not to mention, well, it’s just colorful. Everybody likes a colorful art show, right?

Well, this is enough “fire in the sky” images for me for one day. I’ll leave you back to your holiday plans or whatever it is you are doing this weekend. Hopefully, you are not burning, as this is a scary thing for one and all.

Stay safe!

Until next time…



  1. Great Grandma Lin
    September 6, 2011 / 12:34 pm

    I'm putting some of my images from iceland on picasa. checkout my blog for some beginning slide shows. this could take until Christmas…lol! Stay safe…

  2. Carol
    September 6, 2011 / 1:40 pm

    Thanks, Lin, will do. I know what you mean about Christmas. People have been bugging me for photos and I'm like, "but I haven't even done laundry yet!!!" What an impatient lot.

    But, yes, I will check out your Picasa slide show. Sounds like fun.

    And I'll race you to Christmas. :~)

  3. W. Home
    February 10, 2012 / 1:35 pm

    The Texas fire had really struck a huge number of homes that really impacted the housing market in the state. texas mce

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