Car Show in ND-land

Went to a small car show the other day. I mean, it wasn’t just a showing of small cars it was a car show with not too many cars in it, you know, a small grouping of cars. The cars were all older American cars, pre-1973. After shooting the British cars for so long, it was a bit unusual to see the American cars rolled out, waiting for me to shoot them.

Of course, I shot them in my usual style. 100 macro wide open composed on the diagonal, graphically inspired, lots of circles, shapes, lines, textures, and colors. That’s how I always seem to shoot cars these days and now, I guess, that’s how they pay me to do it.

It was a fun shot. A little too hot (it’s already hot, for some reason, in the Texas Hill Country) and the sun’s already high and bright but I can still work outside. This particular car was conveniently parked in the shade so I was able to really get the reds to pop some. I lucked out in that regard-they had two bright red cars parked conveniently in the shade. I hate to say it, but it’s almost time for some neutral density filters, the sun is getting that high these days. This year, I’m going to invest in a good ND system, one that I can use across all of my lenses and one that will provide me with various ND options.

I never used to need ND filters. Being a fine art photographer I almost always had the luxury of working in the shade, sort of when I wanted to, but these days it seems I’m getting hired to do more and more odd sorts of jobs. Stuff like shooting a car show in the middle of the day or doing a mid-day portrait, in the hot sun, with everybody sweating. Hey, I don’t prefer these kind of schedules but, since I have to do it, I might as well have all of the right equipment and all, right? So off to ND-land for me.

Eh, that’ll be another box headed to my door sometime real soon now, won’t it? Aren’t you really glad, right about now, that you’re not my UPS-guy? Heck, I know I am. (The boxes at the door will continue until morale improves. Yeah, I’d have to say that’s been the motto of this extra hot/wildflower-less springtime in the Texas Hill Country of Texas.)

Until next time…


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