iPhone Skies

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Polaroid film was quite famous for giving us some wonderful images of skies. Skies in all of their glory, everything from breathtaking sunsets to dark, ominous clouds were all ripe for Polaroid picking. These days, the iPhone has all but replaced the Polaroid in terms of taking sky photos.

Just like the Polaroids of old, the iPhone doesn’t do too well taking sky photos in the dead of night but, get it near a sunset, sunrise or any kind of cool cloud formation? Yes, that’s the iPhone’s pocket and it will do you good. Even bright sunlight and midday skies can make for great iPhone photos. At a time when many cameras don’t cut the mustard, the trusty little pocket friendly iPhone camera can really deliver some great images. Fluffy white clouds, the wonderful gamut of mid-day blue skies and some great framing can really go a long way to making some great sky images even at the otherwise photo-unfriendly hour of high noon. Don’t be afraid to experiment with the iPhone camera to see what kind of skies are overhead.

So, go ahead, don’t be afraid to whip out that iPhone camera the next time you see a cool sunset, a bright orange sunrise, or even some clouds that look like bunnies in the middle of the day-you just might be on your way to taking some great sky shots with the trusty little iPhone camera. Remember too that you can also take sky shots from your car, train, plane or other odd places, even while moving. Now there’s something to do instead of playing some boring road game like “spot the out of state license plate” for you and your kids to enjoy. You can also take shots in the rain from the safety (and dry points) of your car as well.

Either cool skies make for cool photos or those darn Kodak brochures have been lying to me all this time. (Hey, you laugh but, do we really all fully trust those folks from the land of Kodaks?)

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