Giving Thanks iPhone Version

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Tomorrow marks the Thanksgiving holiday for those of us in the United States. That means it’s time to give thanks, enjoy a holiday meal with the family, relax a bit, stay home from work, and the like. It also means the wind up of the Christmas season as well as the start of shopping and a lot of football games (and parades for the little ones!)

A lot of folks want to leave the camera behind, since it’s big and clunky and they just don’t want to deal with all of the messiness of having it around while they are trying to eat. Of course, they still want photos to remember the holiday with, right? IPhone to the rescue!

The iPhone can be used to take pictures around the table, quick snaps of food, and the like. It’s a great little device to get those family snaps without having to make the family…well…snap. Since nobody feels they are being harassed by the camera, you can get away with a lot more not to mention the fact that the iPhone with it’s compact size and convenient push-button operation works well in places like your kitchen.

So, go ahead, snap away! Your kids will still stick out their tongues and you might get mashed potatoes on your phone but it’ll all probably be worth it in the end. At least you’ll have some holiday memories to work with and you won’t ruin a $1500 camera, right?

Just maybe don’t forget and accidentally stuff it in your turkey, ok?

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