Must Be the Season of the Witch

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If celebrating my birthday the other day wasn’t enough to convince you that the season of the witch is upon us, today is also Halloween. Happy Halloween Everybody!

Here’s multiple choice quiz for you. What day is it:

1. Halloween
2. A really, really nice autumn day with a light breeze and mild temps.
3. Almost the start of NaBloPoMo

If you answered 4, why, you’d be right.

Not only is it a really nice autumn day today, here in beautiful sunny downtown Cedar Park, Texas (oh, you can stop laughing now) but it’s also Halloween, and almost the start of NaBloPoMo or National Blog Posting Month.

Once again, I’ll be handing out candy to the little ones today and hopefully tomorrow we’ll start blog posting on a regular basis. It’s going to be crazy this month, since I have not prepared a thing and there’s a lot going on but, heck, I think I can still do it. In case you’re wondering what NaBloPoMo is, it’s a contest (of sorts) where I have to blog once a day, everyday for the month of November. Thirty blog posts in thirty days, think I can make it?

I’ve done it now (successfully too, I might add) for the past three or four years. It can be difficult at times, crazy at others, and sometimes it feels like I just can’t wait until December rolls around yet again but, somehow, each and every year, I pull it off. We’ll see if I make it again this year, or not, as the case may be. Please keep your fingers crossed and here’s hoping for the best!

I feel so like a racehorse in the gate. Who wants to cheer us out of here?

And, we’re off…


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