Listen Up! The Red Leaf Diaries are upon us

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Listen up, people!

It’s almost fall. Yes, yes, now I know what you’re thinking, “she crazy!” Well, gosh actually I am, but that doesn’t change the fact that it’s almost fall. The leaves have started to tip a bit, even to fall in some cases. The heat of summer, the hot dry days and long golden light twilight spells are soon to give way to cooler and shorter days. I know what I’m talking about, trust me, it’s almost autumn. I can see the signs if I squint and hide myself from the blaring hot sun a bit.

Autumn means many things to many people. It’s back to school time, yes, it’s cooler, it’s easier to shoot more. Yes, yes, and why, yes. All of that and, perhaps the most important thing going. It’s almost time to start up, once again the Red Leaf Diaries.

Now, since it’s been hot this year, I’ve decided that I’m starting them now. Right now. Right this very minute, in fact. I’m secretly (ok, maybe not so secretly) plotting where I might find a red leaf. And I’m going to find it, mind you, I will. And when I do, well, in case you could not guess this part, you’ll be the first to know about it (ok, maybe actually the second. After myself, of course.) So, there you have it. Red Leaf time. NOW!

Oh, and, in case you’re new here and you’re wondering, “What on earth is she on about today?” allow me to explain. The Red Leaf Diaries is something that I sometimes do in autumn.

Here is an excerpt from a previous post about the Red Leaf Diaries.

Sometimes, in the autumn, when the mood strikes me, I go out searching for a red leaf. This might sound a bit odd, a bit lame, a bit, “oh, is that all?” but it’s not really. You see, Austin and the surrounding areas (where I live) don’t really get much of the traditional “fall foliage.” So, it naturally follows that, well, we don’t get many red leaves. But, it’s not just the lack of red leaves in the general vicinity, no the red leaf diaries are something a bit more than that.

It’s about the journey, not the destination.

It’s not really about the act of finding a red leaf, you see. It’s about my search for one. It’s about the quest, the travels, the hunt. It’s about where my trials, attempts, and meanderings take me and, perhaps more so about what else I happen upon along the way.

The way it works is, if I get to see it, if I happen upon it in the great hunt for my one, single, red leaf, you get to see it too. You get to see it and see pictures of it, and explore, right along with me, enjoying that quest, that thirst for all things autumn. And, if I should happen to come up dry, well, you too can share in my shortcomings. Yes, the red leaf diaries are all about finding autumn in the strangest and slightest of places-experiencing the change of season in the smallest of ways, and also of sharing that with you.

So, this year, once again, we’ll be “red leafing” it together. I hope you’re up for the trip and you enjoy the view along the way. It promises to be a fun, though at times, bumpy ride.

All of that and, well, who knows? We might just happen up a spiffy red leaf.

Until next time…


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