Just a Little Angel

TheAngelical, originally uploaded by carolsLittleWorld.

I’ve been a little angel, getting things done at record pace today. Now, I know most of you think of me as a bit of a devil, especially as of late, since I haven’t been around as much as I should, but here’s proof to the contrary.

Yesterday, they were having a film noir marathon so I shot the TV set. Literally. Well, not with a gun. I took some stills from the films with the iphone camera. They came out pretty good too, what a surprise.

Speaking of the iphone camera, I’m going to do a long post (I promise!) about iphone apps and the like. But, I have to say this, I just love that little thing. It’s a great little camera. It’s fun, it’s so very point and click-ish. It’s renewing my love of the instamatic in so many ways. It’s freedom and it even comes with a phone. Yeah, I love having that little angel in my pocket.

Hopefully some additional news this week, but I wanted to check in and spread some Sunday joy before it’s off to rest.

Until next time…


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