Do You Have a Dave? Don't You Wish Everybody Did?

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Sometimes, we get so caught up in the things we don’t have, we neglect the things we do. For example, I don’t have tomorrow’s winning lottery tickets. Bummer. Nor do I have that mansion on the hill everybody always talks about. Nope, not me. I live in a small house in the suburbs. A fancy car like they twirl around on Top Gear with? No, I don’t have one of those either. But, I do have a Dave.

What’s a Dave? You might be asking. And, I’d be here to tell you.

He’s the “most painted man in Austin.”

The “most painted man in Austin?” Really? Really. Allow me to explain.

The “Dave” in question would be Dave Larson. Dave is married to painter and figure drawing instructor Eve Larson. Eve has been teaching, painting, leading life drawing sessions, etc. in Austin for over 30 years. During this time, whenever she needed a model, she conveniently used her husband, Dave to pose. Consequently, Dave has been drawn, painted, sketched, pastel-ed (yes, I know that’s not really a word but you get the idea) etc. many, many times, by many different people. There are young Dave’s, older Dave’s, modern Dave’s, Dave’s from the disco era. There are even Dave’s with other people and Dave’s alone. Dave’s head has been drawn, his torso, his feet, his “fill in your favorite body part” so many times, if he were to rob a bank, the police sketch artist would not have to lift a pencil. Dave’s everywhere!

To celebrate the omnipresent Dave, the Austin Visual Arts Association is having an exhibit. From their brochure, “As part of the collaborative process, artists from around Austin will participate in the first annual “DAVE” display — a massive mural comprised of artistic renderings from the past 30 years by local figurative artists of Dave Larson, “the most painted man in Austin.” Wow! What can I say? That’s a lot of Dave’s.

I think this is a great idea for a show, in fact, it’s one of the most original if you think about it. An entire Dave mural! An entire Dave show! An exhibit showcasing Dave through time and history, as drawn, painted, photographed, sketched, etc, by artists all around Austin. There will be new artists in the show, as well as old favorites. Beginners and some of the most highly acclaimed artists in the world. Everywhere you look, somebody’s got a Dave and many of the scattered Dave’s will be rounded up for this show. What a fantastic idea!

So, today, instead of telling you how I don’t have this, I’m missing that, my life would be complete if only…instead I’m going to tell you this. I’ve got a Dave. Yes, me too! Even I have a Dave.

I’m happy to say I’ve got a Dave. And you should have one too.

Don’t you wish everybody had a Dave? If everybody were out busy making Dave’s, there would be no war, no poverty, no hunger, no strife, there would just be a lot of charcoal, some paint, and lot of Dave’s running around. The great thing about Dave is that, even though everybody’s got one, we can still make more. The world can always use one more Dave, it couldn’t hurt, right?

So, go ahead make a Dave. Do you already have a Dave? Don’t you wish everybody had a Dave? “Dave?!? He’s not here right now, can I take a message?” He’s on display in downtown Austin this week and I hope you get to enjoy some Dave too, in your own little way, of course.

Until next Dave…



  1. mythopolis
    August 4, 2010 / 8:30 pm

    Ummmm…but, "What About Bob?"

  2. Carol
    August 7, 2010 / 2:43 am

    Ok, Mythopolis, I'll let you have a Bob.

    I hear he's a good swimmer anyway. Can't hold his head down below the water….(sorry, bad joke!)

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