Noctural Project, Blurb Book, and so Much More

NightJesterNo1, originally uploaded by carolsLittleWorld.

Well, it’s summertime again-summertime and the living is easy. Actually, the photography is easy, or it could be. You see, summer means it’s time for the annual Utata big “summer” project. Yes indeed, the good folks over at Utata have announced their “big summer project” and, this year anyway, it’s a familiar theme.

From the announcement page for Nocturnal Photographer:
“In the hours between sunset and sunrise, things become a little different. They relax and spread out a little under the comfort of shadows, no longer needing to hold themselves sharp and defined like they do in the light of day. Lit only by night lights, both natural and artificial, the night makes the world a different place. It’s our love of the world at nighttime that inspires the theme of this year’s Big Project: Nocturnal Photographer 2010.”

You can read more over at the project’s FAQ but, basically, we’re doing a nocturnal photography project for Utata again this year. Yay! If you’re interested, hurry since there’s still time to make it-you have until August 1st to complete the project.

In other “big project” news, I completed my next blurb book this week as well. Completely unexpected, but I slapped something together for their annual “Photography Book Now” contest. My entry is called “Big in Japan” and you can view it at this link. Hey, it beats looking at all that porn they usually serve up on the Internets, right? (Ahem, please say, “yes.” Please.)

I also attended the Texas Wax meeting this weekend and they have big plans for some upcoming big shows. It’s shaping up to be a big summer and a busy one too.

This image is one of mine from the first Utata big summer nocturnal project. I always love shooting at night, isn’t it fun? Nowadays, I just hope I can pull my camera together long enough to pull off a night shoot-I’ve been having some technical difficulties (read: it’s falling apart!) but, you know, that kind of stuff never keeps me down for long. (Ok, so maybe the universe is trying to tell me I need a new camera.)

A lot going on, yes, and Carol’s still crazy after all these years. (Crazy and, you know, nocturnal too.)

Until next time…


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