It’s The Middle of The Night And We’re Still Editing

MiddleOfTheNight, originally uploaded by carolsLittleWorld.
It’s the middle of the night and everybody here is still editing. Well, almost everybody-as you can see from the photo, I was out taking some pictures too. 
I had this crazy idea to do some light scribbles, so I went out with the rig, setup right by the front door to the joint, and now you have this. Shhh. Don’t tell. I’m hoping they won’t notice in the office until tomorrow-I’m hoping they won’t notice I put a picture of this place up on Flickr until, well, at least until morning, which, actually, is just a few hours from now. 
The workshop has been going well so far. It’s a lot of work-they keep us moving at a nice clock, at least, nice enough so that we can get some work done. I blew a camera out at the prison and we had some rain yesterday but it managed to clear just in time for us to do some work with the models in the pool. We’ve had some interesting assignments and got in a bunch of shooting so it’s all been good for me. 
Tonight, for dinner, I got a little bit tired of Mexican food (thought it’s really tasty here) so I opted to go for Chinese. It was good-I had some tofu at a place I found off of Yelp! It was rated four stars and one dollar sign. I *love* those kind of places-cheap eats! After the tasty Chinese food, it was off to finish assignment, shoot the scribbles, and start the editing process. 
I’ve been without a TV for a bit now, but I did manage to get a Facebook update from Burn Notice. No new show this week-they told me that Michael and Fiona went out “shopping for yogurt” and won’t be back until next week. Gosh, I hope they pick-up some beer for Sam while they are out. No word on what the TiVo is doing while I’m going-I’m probably facing a marathon of “Days of Our Lives” when I get back. I sure hope it is recording James May’s toy shows-I love watching those since, basically, I’m just a big kid in disguise. 
Well, I think it’s about time I landed in bed so…
Until next time…

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