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Almost every time I participate in some kind of portfolio review, I get an email from one of my “photo buddies” over in Europe. “It’s too bad they don’t have stuff like this where I live!” the email starts out, “you’re so lucky!”

Well, my fine European friends, your luck has run out (or run, um, “in” as the case may be.) Indeed, they do have European photography reviews and I thought I would share an email that I got, to pass along the information with you. (Apologies for my State-side shooters-you’ll have to either just drool or save up your old film canisters with a lot of pennies in order to afford an airline ticket for this one.)

So, without further ado, here are two portfolio review type opportunities. (Insert drum roll here!)

The first opportunity is in Birmingham, UK and runs from July 29 – August 1, 2010. It’s called Rhubarb-Rhubarb and it was one of the first professional portfolio reviews in Europe. Many of the artists who show there work here move onto showing their work at FotoFest and other international biennials, not to mention the review itself tries to pay close attention to the needs of the artists.

The 2010 Rhubarb review, “Collision – Where Image Worlds Meet,” is designed for photographers wishing to explore the cross overs between multiple genres – documentary, commercial and fine art practice. International reviewers from all these genres will be reviewing work at Rhubarb. For more details, see the website at (This last paragraph is taken from their website.)

The next opportunity is in Paris and is called “Lens Culture FotoFest Paris 2010.” It will be held in Paris, France from November 15 – 17, 2010 and the website of interest is According to their published “blurb,” this is, ” a new forum for photography portfolio reviews in Paris. Lens Culture and FotoFest International are collaborating on a new portfolio review program. Over three days, 120 photographers will engage in one-on-one meetings and portfolio reviews with 40 international photography experts, including museum curators, gallery owners, festival directors, publishers, and representatives from photo agencies. The meetings will take place at Speos Paris Photographic Institute.” For more details, please see their website.

So, there you have it. Two opportunities for my European photographer friends. I don’t know how you’d say “good luck!” in French (or, you know, Hungarian for that matter) so I’ll have to say “Good Luck!” for those headed to Birmingham or Paris and leave it at that. Hopefully the rest of my European shooting buddies have good pocket translators.

Until next time…

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