In The Not Too Distant Future

DistantField, originally uploaded by carolsLittleWorld.

Today’s been a busy day. I finished processing and printing my work for the upcoming show at the Salado winery. It’s starting to come together, though I still have a lot of work to do. I just ordered the second batch of invites-yes, it’s true, one of my images will, once again, become a postcard. How fun, right? Don’t you just love seeing your work in print? It’s even nicer when somebody else has to do all of the messy color calibration and you get to just sit back and enjoy the finished results. On demand printing is so much fun these days.

I’m still hunting a new camera for my Santa Fe trip. Starting to run out of time too. The camera I really want is like on backorder all over the known universe, so I’m seriously tempted to just blow the bank and get a giant top of the line, full frame, “everything but the kitchen sink” Canon, just for the heck of it. Think I should? Oh, God! That “buy me now!” button is just too tempting. (Remind me how expensive things are again. Please!)

It’s starting to get a bit hot too, had to turn on the a/c yesterday for a spell because, well, I just could not sleep. On a more positive note though, the gardeners came to mow the lawn and it’s looking really great. The back lawn actually almost looks like a green carpet-it’s so lush and thick. I might have to go and photograph the grass (how boring! I know!) just so I can show it to you.

So, how has your weekend been going?

Until next time…


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