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Crazy weekend. Craziest of crazies. This has been totally nuts.

I’ve gotten most of my scavenger hunt items ready for my big show in New York later this week. The Scavenger Hunt project will debut in NYC and then travel onto Seattle and, quite possibly, somewhere else before it all ends. There’s also going to be a book and a T-shirt, though I can’t promise I’ll be included in either of those. (Odds are about even on the book and probably close to zero on the T-shirt-my guess is they’ll use a pirate ship for that one.) I have another show on Saturday and another deadline on Friday. Wish me luck.

In other news, my productive (read: frantic) studio time has forced me to do some encaustic work and, get this, I actually *like* the results. Stay tuned for more, but I’ve managed to get the wax to look like a nice thin glazing on top of the photos. Yay! I’m so happy I could fly over the moon if, you know, I could fly if, you know, I could meet all of my deadlines first.

So, how is your weekend going? Hopefully, you’re running long on some of this wisdom stuff and running short on the crazies that seem to be following me around.

All that and I finished my taxes too. Yippie!

Until next time…

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