I've Got Half A Face to Tell You

HalfAFace, originally uploaded by carolsLittleWorld.

Sorry, but I just could not resist the pun in this one.

Just got back from drawing session, still wiping the charcoal from my fingers. This week was much better than last-much more in the mood and much brighter, not to mention my work is getting better. This week, I did torsos. I just keep putting the waist too darn low. It’s like I’ve moved it way down near where your knees are supposed to be. They say everybody always has something about the way they draw-some little kind of “flaw” if you will-mine is totally that. I won’t put your waist where it’s supposed to be and then, when you call me on it, I’ll try to pass it off as, “well, at least I tried to make you look taller.” I’ve learned that and the fact that extra soft vine charcoal is your friend, take my word on that one.

So, the other day, Damien comes into my office and he says to me, “I’m sorry, I smell like a cigar. I was just outside smoking a cigar.” On Tuesday, before drawing sessions, you see, I don’t get to eat, so I usually grab some kind of quick food, anything I can find in five minutes or less. Last week, I went to Sambatt’s Cajun Deli and got a quarter of a muffaletta to go. Just before class, I dumped the bag with the wrapper into the back of my trunk and forgot about it. The next day, as I’m driving to work, I can still smell the Cajun spices. My entire car stunk like a half dead quarter muffaletta with extra hot sauce, really it did.

Poor Damien. I had to tell him I smelt like, “dead Cajun food, hot trash, and old charcoal.” I’m guessing he doesn’t want to know how I got that way, but now, I guess, everybody knows. This week I got smart and went to Firehouse subs to get a quick cheese sandwich with a pickle. I love pickles, really I do. Best damned condiments on the block, really they are (well, except for maybe Cajun hot sauce but, I’m guessing here, pickles will smell better tomorrow, after my nose has had a chance to clear.) No word on how Damien feels about pickles, hot trash and old charcoal but, I’m guessing, after last week’s debacle, he won’t get close enough to find out.

All this fun and it’s only Tuesday. (And, how is your week going?)

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  1. Carol
    February 3, 2010 / 8:28 pm

    Wow! Neat! Those are some odd looking pots, aren't they? They do make for interesting pictures though. We should get people to scatter them around more for us. Then it could be like a "find the displaced lips" instead of "Where's Waldo?"

    The lips have it!

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