Odd, Ends, and, Um, Bits Like These

DeathMarchNo1, originally uploaded by carolsLittleWorld.

So you might remember that, a while back, I did a “big” show (is there even such a thing as a “small” one?) over at Concordia University. One of my fellow photographers thought he would do a good deed and donate his work to the University over there-to sort of help them get the art department going, really to sort of “decorate” the place up a bit. Ok, so that’s all well and good, most of us thought it was a good idea and wanted to pitch in as well. That’s when the fun started.

You see, for my images of “New Beginnings” I opted to shoot the science lab. Since the science lab had more of a connection for me, since I studied science in college (I have a minor in physics) I thought it would be the spot for me to shoot. I knew I wasn’t going to get photos that would sort of, how shall I say this, “go with” people’s couches. That just wasn’t in the cards. And, you know, that’s all good too, right? I mean, not all artwork has to match one’s couch, or so I’ve been told. But now, here’s my little problem. I wanted to donate my work to the school, really I did, but I kind of felt helpless-sorry for the poor chap who got stuck with pictures like these to “decorate” his office. I mean, do you know anybody who would actually like to stick a picture of two dead ducks on a wall, well, on their walls? And, if you did, I bet you wouldn’t want to be left alone with them on a dark and stormy night, especially not if they were wearing a Fedora. I digress. But, you know, what is a girl to do in this situation?

I ended up donating the prints. I just hope (QUACK!) that somebody likes ducks (QUACK!) and doesn’t think too that I am an axe murderer (QUACK!)

In other news, I really feel for the poor folks of Haiti. I’m trying to think of some photographic way of helping out, but I’m sort of drawing a blank. I’m sure I’ll think of something. I always wanted to start a sort of non-profit, photographers giving back and all, and call it “Lens a Hand” but I never did. Well, there’s still hope, and maybe someday, right?

The cold has passed and allergies are all gripping us now.

Some folks have yet to take down their holiday decorations. De-Christmas already, you lazy people! (Actually, I kind of like it. There’s nothing wrong, really, with pretty glowing orbs on the lawn. It looks more pathetic if you don’t take the lights down, but sort of leave strings of dead bulbs strewn about the place, don’t you think? Well, maybe so.)

The pizza dude is almost here. What’s happening in your world?

Until next time…


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