No Rest (or Clean Laundry) for the Wicked

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So, our holiday season is just about over. Tomorrow marks the day that many of us return to work. I hate to admit, I’ve been a bit lazy this time around. I haven’t painted much and I have not gotten much done. Kind of like that old saying, “But I can’t be overdrawn, I still have checks left…” I feel that, even if I had an infinite amount of time off, I still would not get everything done. Did you ever have a holiday like that? Man, I really *hate* holidays like that.

I started doing some laundry (earlier on in my break) and did manage to get a few loads in, but I’ve mysteriously still got a full hamper. I can’t figure this out. I mean, where do the clean clothes run off to? Not to mention the fact that I didn’t really finish getting my house in order. I didn’t grocery shop. I didn’t even sign up for my next round of drawing sessions. Oh the horror! Tomorrow, I’ll be stuck working yet again and it will become infinitely harder to get anything done. Let’s face it, after working all day, nobody wants to come home and do all of this stuff, right? Why, oh why, can’t I just win the lottery or suddenly become independently wealthy? About the only thing I did manage to do this holiday season is spend a bit of money and get myself a new pair of boots. That’s shameful, really it is.

How could my hamper still be overflowing? It’s just not possible. I swear, it’s broken some law of physics or something. There must be some kind of hole in the time-space continuum, right? Yeah, I know that place-it’s the place where all of our lost socks hang out and multiply.

Speaking of time-space continuum, I did manage to break down and watch the last Doctor Who episodes with David Tennant. He’s such a good actor and we’re going to miss him dearly as the good Doctor. It was a fun ride, even if I did have to risk an encounter with some lost socks to enjoy it. I can’t wait for his new TV series to start, which is supposed to be happening soon, by all accounts. Rex is Not Your Lawyer is starting to look like a runaway hit, if for nothing else than the cast. Other cast members (so far) include one of my favorite actors, Jerry O’Connell, and SNL favorite Jane Curtain, though I still wonder how they are going to handle Tennant’s accent. Maybe they can tap into Curtain’s background, pass him off as a conehead, and declare “his is from France” but then, I guess, we’ll just have to wait and see about that now, won’t we?

I just hope he doesn’t get too tangled up in the land of lost socks and that the pilot for this show actually makes it to my TV set.

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