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Today is December 1st and, for all of those in bloggy land who don’t know what that means, allow me to explain.

Today is world AIDS day. No, that’s not it. I mean, that’s significant and all, but that’s really not “it” for me. Hmmm. Let me think.

November 30th marked good news for the Gulf, as it was the end of hurricane season-the calmest Atlantic hurricane season in 12 years, with fewer “named” storms and fewer storms doing damage. Phew! But, sadly, that’s not it either.

No, actually, today is the end of National Blog Posting Month! Hurray!

Allow me to explain. Every year, come November, bloggers from all over the world sign up to participate in this annual event. The challenge is simple, blog once a day, every day, for the month of November. It boils down to 30 blog posts in 30 days (or, you know, thereabouts) with people posting everything from new things they learned to cook, the latest in political viewpoints, art, music, writing, theater, and a host of other things. Basically, if you can post it, you can blog it and, during the month of November, we blog it a lot. For those who complete the challenge know that they have contributed, in some small way, to not only National Blog Posting Month, but to National Novel Writing Month, National Screenwriting Month, and National Solo Photo Book Month. All of these things, you see, are designed to get us to get it “out there” to you-for you to read and enjoy. (They are all basically connected, in small ways, as well.)

So, as this month starts anew, I thought it might be a good idea to reflect a little bit on what’s gone by. This month found me starting a new series. Called “Painters Every Photographer Should Know” it’s been a great exploration of painters throughout history (well, it’s a start anyway.) This year, there were only a few, sparse “non blogs,” no mental breakdowns in the middle of the month (Phew!) and it seems like it’s been an easier ride (for some reason.)

It’s been so easy, in fact, that I’d like to propose you join me (if you have a blog) in doing it again come February. Why February, you might ask. And, I’d be happy to tell you. February is the shortest month. It has Valentine’s day. It’s in the middle of winter. It’s just far enough away that we’ll have something to say again, when it rolls around, and we’ll have forgotten the more painful moments of this November.

So, if you’re a blogger, if you’re thinking about blogging, if you’re a writer, or you do any of these types of things, won’t you consider joining me come February? Join me in National Blog Posting Month (yes, they have it every month, though November is the “big” recognized one) or National Whatever-It-Is-You-Do Month. Do something. Do something good and make it count. Think about it for now but, please, join me come February. I hope you’ll consider it, because only you can make it happen.

Thanks again for another great National Blog Posting Month and Yeah! It’s December.

Until next time…


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