Rex Is Not Your Lawyer, Nicolas Cage is Broke, and a Red Leaf Has Fluttered My Way

I don’t usually do these “weekend roundup” type of posts outside of the weekend, but so much has been going on I felt the sudden urge.

For starters, this article in (an on-line magazine I do not typically frequent) has information about an upcoming new show on NBC. Called (I swear I’m not making this up) Rex is Not Your Lawyer, about a Chicago lawyer, Rex, who starts having panic attacks and coaches his clients to represent themselves. Sounds like a bomb, doesn’t it? I mean, other than it being a bit typically “Monk-like” it really does not sound like the type of show I’d watch, but, even I have to admit, I’ll be glued to my couch when this one comes on. Why? You might be wondering. And, I’d be here to tell you. Seems the good “Monk-like” lawyer, Rex, is to be played by none other than David Tennant, formerly of Doctor Who fame (and also my favorite Casanova.) Seriously. That David Tennant. The very same “toe curling” Tennant of Hamlet fame. Wow. Pinch me, I must be dreaming. David Tennat is coming to American television.

I guess it’s no surprise really, when you think about it, I mean, most of our TV actors are all British now. Lately, it seems like, whenever you put the TV on it’s one British stage actor after another. And, frankly, you won’t hear me complain about that. I like good acting in any form, and, honestly, since the British don’t really have the “celebrity factor” quite like we do in the ‘States, there’s more a focus on the craft of acting, not to mention the storytelling aspect is just better. It should come as no surprise that folks in the US want quality, and are willing to reach out to whatever country offers that to us (are you listening George Clooney and Jennifer Aniston? You can’t act, so get off my TV set already. I’d rather watch a cardboard cut-out and, believe me, I’ve seen both of you act-the cardboard would be more animated.)

Speaking of actors, another actor we’re actually familiar with here at Carol’s Little World (this will just about complete the set for those just tuning in, as I’m really not a big fan of TV or the movies, especially not most of the senseless drivel they turn out these days) the great Tivo-sucking Nicolas Cage announced this week that he’s broke. Now, those of you who know me (all three of you-*waves*) are probably expecting me to say something clever just about now. You’re probably expecting some snarky remark from deep within the bowels of my caustic wit. But, you’d be wrong. All I can say really is, hey, welcome to the club. Have you not noticed there’s a recession going on? Maybe if you didn’t bribe those otherwise “good” folks over in TiVo-land (what? like you weren’t expecting me to get at least *one* little jab in.)

Seriously though, I hope the good Mr. Cage can get past his money troubles and return focus to his acting. As a working artist, I know all too well how it’s hard enough to focus on our craft without have bills piled up panting down the back of our necks. Even though it seems like many “stars” are overpaid (this is true in the photography world as well as with acting) society doesn’t put a high enough price tag on paying out for the arts. Oh sure, we all love to sit at the ballet, watch the free movies in the park, and stroll down the gallery walks, but, when it comes time to giving an artist a break, nobody wants to cough up any money and we reward only “pop culture crap” rather than the true artists out there.

Enough ranting about events on the west coast, it’s time to turn east now, back to the UK, specifically the Isle of Wight, home to none other than Postcards from Wildwood. The lovely and talented Janice (aka Postcards) was kind enough to send me this birthday card which she beautifully crafted herself out of none other than the season’s first red leaf. Ah, yes, the red leaf diaries. I bet you thought I forgot about them, didn’t you? Well, you’d be wrong. Plans are to maybe take a stroll this weekend and start the hunt-please do recall that Austin is a bit behind the times as far as autumn goes, and so our leaves are just about starting their seasonal turn into autumn. It’s still “almost summer” here, though I’ve caught a few glimpses of color, here and there. We’ve got a bit more yellow this year than red, which is always a treat too. But, yes, look for some red leaf “hunting” to start soon enough and a big shout out and thanks to Janice for the lovely card.

As if all of that weren’t enough, since the weather has been really fabulous out, the Austin Night Photography group is going to hit the streets once again on Monday. We’re probably going to go downtown, a bit more downtown this time than last, to that almost “tragically hip,” it would be happening if it weren’t for all those hippies, South Congress area (also called SoCo.) Home to the Hey Cupcake airstream trailer that serves up sugary treats, the south location of Magnolia cafe, and some of my favorite oddball shopping, look for this to be a real treat, if not a bit odd and unexpected in the photography finds.

Oh, all of that and, happy Friday too!

Until next time…


  1. mythopolis
    November 6, 2009 / 3:41 pm

    I think my fav Cage movie is Wild at Heart, with Laura Dern!

  2. Janice / Dancing with Sunflowers
    November 6, 2009 / 6:22 pm

    David Tennant does have it all, doesn't he! We have a couple of BBC telethons in the UK to raise money for good causes here and in Africa – it grew out of Live Aid and is still going strong. The telethons start at 7pm, last into the early hours and raise millions of £££. Earlier this year David T co-hosted one of them and I was struck by what a superb natural performer and all-round charismatic nice-guy he is. Something you don't get to see in the same way when he's acting a scripted role. Anyway, good luck to him in Chicago, and I hope you all enjoy whatever it is he'll be putting your way.
    Pleased to see the card arrived. Hope to see a photograph of a plate of maple cookies soon!

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