Photo Tip #29

Photo Tip #29-Work in Printed Form

Even in this digital day and age, learn to shoot for and work in a printed form. Learn how to work in the field so that you can get acceptable prints, for these will make the best images anyway. Learn how to print some of your work, even if you work mostly for the web, because printing your work will help you evaluate it and edit it better-often you can spot a lot more issues on a print then you can on the computer, and you can view your work in different light very easily using a print.

You don’t need the world’s most expensive printer. For most of my working prints, I use a printer I got for $35 at a local electronics store and cheaper matte paper, which runs less than 11 cents a print. Learn to make working prints with big borders on matte paper so that you can show them to people, point things out, and not leave fingerprints on your prints so they can be reused.

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