It's Black Friday, May the LDC TV Wars Begin

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Recently I heard a rumor that this year’s “black Friday” specials would all revolve around LCD TV’s. The rumor said that a lot of stores would be offering LCD TV’s at discounted prices, and that there would be a “price war” of sorts between various retailers.

I used to have a TV set in my living room. I say used to because, well, the one that’s in there now doesn’t really work anymore. You might remember this A/V setup (of sorts) because it’s the same TV that’s connected to my previous TiVo unit (the murdering one, in case, you know, you lost track of these things.) Yes, it’s the same TiVo unit that once went crazy, TiVo’d a lot of murder-related shows on TV (I like mystery shows, what can I say?) and then became oddly obsessed with Nicolas Cage. Anyway, that TiVo has been silenced, thanks in part to the TV being non-functional. (The video cuts out so I no longer watch it.)

So, all of this now has me wanting to go TV shopping. I got the circulars (ads) from the newspaper and I’ve been browsing TV prices. Sure enough, the rumors were right. Every store seems to have some kind of “special” on an LCD TV-even stores that don’t really sell TV’s are getting into the act. A local furniture store, for example, ran an ad saying, “buy a roomful of furniture and get a FREE TV-this week only!” Walgreen’s and CVS, two local pharmacies both have small LCD TV’s in their circulars. It’s nuts out there. Lately anyway, it seems like everybody and their brother are trying to sell me a new cheap LCD TV.

The prices have even gone crazy too. You can get a 19 inch LCD TV for about $200 and you can even shop around to find a small-ish LCD TV for under $100. It’s amazing.

Am I the only one who thinks that a TV is an odd sort of a thing to put on sale during this “black Friday?” I mean, isn’t this supposed to be the time people shop for their kids? Buy sweaters and things? What are they doing all running out and buying TV sets? Do kids do nothing more than watch TV these days? The whole “cheap LCD TV price war” of 2009 has me, shall we say, a bit baffled. I mean, sure I need a TV, and sure I’ll probably get one (probably before new episodes of Burn Notice and American Idol start up again, mind you) but it’s really crazy out there. Today there were people waking up at 5 am, running around to different shops, only to buy cheap LCD TV’s. Am I the only person who really just doesn’t care all that much about getting the cheapest possible price on a TV? I mean, sure it’d be great to have a $200 LCD TV but, I’m going out on a limb here and guessing that, at the end of the day, after you kill yourself, haul your tail down, and fend off the angry mob, you’re going to be left with a cheap ($200) LCD TV set. Wouldn’t it be better to wait a few weeks, maybe spend a few more $$$ and get a nice TV instead? Without all the crowds, mobs, angry shoppers, and invisible sales people?

Last year people were even trampled in crowds during “black Friday.” Is a cheap LCD TV set really worth risking your life over? I mean, fight crowds and fend off mobs? Please, I’d rather read a book. I’ve lived without a TV set in the living room for a few years now, I can wait a few months longer, take my time, and pick out a nice new set without having to risk my life. I’m sorry but, even new episodes of Burn Notice can wait for that.

Did you do any shopping on “black Friday?” Did you get a new sweaters? Any puffy down vests? Any gifts for your dog? Stand in any lines or witness any angry mobs, perhaps waiting in extra long lines, all fighting over cheap LCD TV’s? Is the Christmas spirit really buried in cheap LCD TV wars?

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