Hyde Park in the Dark-Notes from Location Shoot Tonight

Light Trails At Diner, originally uploaded by carolsLittleWorld.

Went out tonight shooting in Hyde Park, one of my favorite funky old neighborhoods in Austin. It was the first meeting of the Austin Night Photography group and we had a blast. Started pouring down rain on the way over there but then, just as we all assembled, it stopped, but left the ground nice and wet for us to photograph. Wet ground makes for wonderful reflections and we had some dandy clouds to play with as well, not to mention some great light trails. Of course, any one of these things would make for a great night shot but, getting all of them? In a single night? The same frame? Felt a little like I died and went to heaven.

Hyde Park is filled with interesting characters and it’s a wonderful place to just sit, relax, and people watch. It also has some great restaurants, coffee places, and diner-like joints. I love diner-like joints, especially at night. The grocery store is very interesting there too-it’s not your usual chain store-more like a “corner grocer” from the days of old. I love that about the place (look for pictures of that to follow.)

Austin at night is a wonderful thing to photograph. I hope you enjoy it as much as I do.

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