Death by Giant Mini

While I was at the car show, I was taking pictures. Now, I know you expect me to take pictures, take a lot of pictures, and tell you all about the pictures that I take, so I was quite busy doing that for most of the day. (You’ll have to forgive me, I did stop once to have a soda.)

It was a nice day too. A bit hot (I think it was about 95 or so) but there was a nice breeze kicking up. It was one of those summer-like breezes that kicks up every now and again-you know the kind-it leaves you with, not exactly a windy day, but just sort of “gusty” from time to time.

So, there I was, at the car show, with this gusty wind. I started to photograph the cars, and they had lots of cars. They had Bentley cars, Rolls Royces, Jags, MG’s, Triumph’s, all kinds of British cars. The cars were arranged by type, so that, say, the Jaguars would all be in the same place, and many of the car brands had flags to identify themselves (so there was a big “Jaguar” flag flying around the spot where all of the Jaguars were on display, for example.) The Mini Coopers were parked along a bit of a hill, facing downward, so that people could walk past and sort of look up at them.

So, I’m in the mix, photographing the Mini Coopers, not really paying attention because, when I work you see, I have to keep my mind and focus on my shots. I’ve got my head buried deep in my camera’s peephole, thinking about perspective, color, lines, shapes, and all of that crap. So, there I am, working away when this big gust of wind comes along, and knocks one of the flags into me. It was so strong, it almost knocked me and my camera gear down the big hill. It was like “swoosh!” this giant wind that came along and nearly killed me.

After the wind died down again, I stopped to look and see where it came from, which way it was blowing. That’s when I noticed it. The flag that had nearly knocked me down the hill was this giant flag that said, “MINI.”

I thought this was pretty funny. I mean, I was nearly knocked down a hill by a giant flag that said “MINI.” Imagine the insurance forms and conversations that would go along with that one.

“You said she died because, what she was knocked down while not paying attention?”

“Yes, she was knocked down by this….this giant flag….”

“A flag?”

“Yes, it was a big giant flag….blowing in the wind….and it was a MINI flag….”

“A big giant mini flag?”


“And this big giant mini flag knocked her down and killed her.”

“Pretty much. Yes. That’s what happened.”

Oh, now there’s a believable tale. Imagine the tombstone they could write for that one (“Here lies Carol. Killed by a Giant Mini Flag”) Hey, you have to learn to live by the flag, die by the flag and, above all else, duck when the time comes, right?

Until next time…


  1. mythopolis
    September 29, 2009 / 2:08 pm

    It could have been worse….you could have been wearing a MINI skirt!

  2. Carol
    September 30, 2009 / 2:06 pm

    Oh now there's a sight. :~)

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