Sunday Roundup – Printing and Stuff

PotteryOnTheLawn, originally uploaded by carolsLittleWorld.

Today I finished my drawing sessions over at studio 3 in the wonderful Laguna Gloria (Austin Museum of Art.) The museum itself is an Italian style villa, with a statue garden, pottery, and the like, all around it. The studios there are wonderful-it’s in a quiet spot on a hill in a shaded area up above the lake. It’s a fantastic place, I’ve always really loved it there. For some reason, it feels cooler there, even when it’s hot in the summertime-I think it has to do with the fact that it’s pretty heavily shaded and it’s also very near the water. Anyway, I enjoyed the sessions and enjoyed taking some photos there as well.

Tomorrow night is a photo meeting and I have to present some of the “New Beginnings” work for review, so I’ve been printing that out. I don’t have to have a ton of stuff printed, and I’ve just about knocked out my sixth or seventh print, so I’m close to being done for the evening. The project is starting to come together, it promises to be a nice one, I’m sure. I hope to get back over there (Concordia University) to shoot some more in the science labs again sometime soon. Not right now, but maybe in a few weeks.

Some other upcoming projects-I am going to try to go out to the sculpture ranch out in Johnson City and photograph out that way at some point. There’s also a music shoot at the Carousel Lounge-one of the photo groups in town is going to do a Dixieland style jazz band photo shoot in a lounge that’s all dolled up to look like a carousel-that promises to be a lot of fun and I hope I can make it.

Feels good to be shooting again actually. I was buried under so much marketing, I had almost forgotten what it felt like. What are you shooting these days? Are you shooting much? Or staying indoors, waiting for summer to slip away, maybe waiting for some fall color and cooler temps?

Yes, in case you can’t tell, I can hardly wait for the red leaf diaries to start up again. A few more weeks, I promise. Actually, this could be the start of it-look! I found not a red leaf but a red (ish) pot on the lawn instead. (Be on the lookout for those leaves-they are a crafty bunch and they slip away before you can even find them. Unlike, say, pottery, which seems to plant itself, excuse the pun, in the middle of the lawn for all to see.)

Ah yes. I wonder now how many emails I’m going to get that start with the words “nice jugs” since I’ve been out photographing giant vases on the lawn again.

Until next time…

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