Photography Workshops-First in a Series

Palm Shores, originally uploaded by carolsLittleWorld.

Many of you have probably considered taking a photography workshop. Photo workshops offer a great opportunity for the photographer-we get to go on location, for (sometimes) an extended stay, we get to devote all of our time to shooting, and don’t have to deal with some of the routine hassles of traveling, scouting locations, and all of that, plus we get to socialize. Meeting other photographers, other like-minded people is a big plus in any photography workshop-the workshops usually boil down to between 6 and 15 photographers. Then there’s the critique aspect of it. Many of the workshops are lead by prominent photographers-people working in the field, and we get to have them comment on our work. Workshop learning and the workshop experience is really a great way to enjoy photography.

For my next little series, I’ll explore the photography workshop a bit more. I’ll delve into what makes a good workshop, what you can expect to take away from a workshop, what to look for in a workshop, and other topics that might help you decide on taking a workshop.

If you have any specific questions about workshops, or the workshop experience, please get them to me soon, as I’ll be starting this series next.

Until next time…

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