Growing Crazy

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Had lunch with Scriber’s Web yesterday-we went to this place called “The Grove.” (So, I could not help but wonder, what grows there? What could possibly grow in this place called “The Grove?”) As we pull up (get a really prime parking spot too, by the way) I notice they have this giant fan only it’s outdoors and hanging from a tree-like a massively giant “ceiling fan” without any ceiling. So, I tell Scriber, “How odd. This place might just be ‘blog worthy’ yet.” And we thought we were just going to get something to eat.

Turns out it’s a wine bar and restaurant. They sit us down and give us a full wine menu so I, like a dufus, order iced tea. As we’re sitting there, I notice we’re at the back of the bar area and they have these bottles, all these bottles propped up against-they were propped up against the frosted glass that made up the back of the bar so they kind of looked like they were glowing. Man, talk about a distraction-nothing quite like getting a bunch of photographers sitting in front of glowing bottles without letting them take any pictures. The waiter comes over and I order some chicken and pasta dish-same as I always get, only his comes cooked in Gorgonzola cheese and has caramelized red onions. Man, I love Gorgonzola cheese and caramelized onions-though I have to wonder who in their right mind came up with the idea of caramelizing an onion. I mean, what genius thought that would taste good? Somebody whacked in the head there, if you ask me, though it is tasty, especially with the Gorgonzola cheese.

Scriber orders a glass of wine and it shows up not as a mere “glass,” no, that would be too obvious, mind you, it’s like a freaking goblet. The waiter might as well have told us, “here’s your goblet of red, you wenches you.” It was like a vat of wine, that thing was. About the same time I’m thinking this is a loony bin, I look up and notice they have this weird fountain on the patio. It’s like a tiny fountain that you really can’t see, though it’s buried under the giant oddball “ceiling fan” that you really can’t miss. They don’t serve us “bread” with our lunch either, it’s more like “panini” which is, I guess, some expensive Italian name for “a dinner roll.” Oye. Why can’t anybody call anything by it’s normal name anymore? Why do we all have to pretend to be so freaking fancy?

As we’re leaving, I started to wonder what grows in this crazy “grove” so I ask the nice hostess on the way out. “Why is this called a ‘grove?’ Do you grow anything here?” I ask her sheepishly.

Her response? “Nuts.”

Oh, they got that one right. Nuts it is.

So, like, how was your lunch?

Until next time…


  1. mythopolis
    August 20, 2009 / 11:28 am

    maybe the place is named after something that used to be there…like a pecan grove? Here, a # of years back, developers took out some hundred huge oaks in order to put a shopping mall there…they then had the audacity to call the place "One Hundred Oaks"!!!

  2. Scriber's Web
    August 20, 2009 / 11:31 am

    Ha ha. We need to go there with our cameras. I've never seen a fan like that before!

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