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Ok, so now that we know what they are, I guess it’s time to talk about how to find them-Juried shows, that is.

There are many avenues to find juried shows. There are many juried shows. In fact, I have a hard time, sometimes, keeping from laughing when somebody says to me, “I never know where to find out about places to show my work.” Newsflash: There’s actually a shortage of artists and artwork out there, so, yes, there is a happy home for your stuff too. That’s the theory anyway, it’s usually just a matter of putting it to practice.

Juried shows usually put out something called a “Call for Entries.” This is usually a form detailing what type of work they want in the show, where the show is going to be, how long the show will run, and who will be the juror. You can write (or email) many places asking for a “Call for Entries” and they will send you one. You can also surf for them on the web, in the comfort of your underpants (well, ok, there’s a mental image I did not really need this morning, but, like, you get the idea.)

There are some places that do nothing but gather “calls for entries” from other places and reprint them for your convenience. There are even several magazines that have listings in the back-long listings, page after page, of nothing but “calls for entries.” Yes, it’s true, “calls for entries” are everywhere. They are sort of like 7-11 convenience stores-you never notice them and then, poof, one day, you can’t help but think they are everywhere.

In case you can’t find any, this list should get you started:

  • Art Calendar magazine-now features an online call for artists tab on their website.
  • Art Deadline-a search-able database of artist opportunities.
  • The Center for Fine Art Photography regularly lists calls for entries. You can find out more about them on their website.
  • The Texas Photographic Society includes a link to competitions on their main website.
  • Mary Virginia Swanson’s blog lists many opportunities. She’s known in the industry as an author and speaker in the area of artist marketing.

All of this just for starters. I’ll include a longer list at some point in the future, for your reference but, really, this is more than enough to get you going. In our next installment, we’ll talk more about how to respond to these “call for entries” as well as tips, pointers, and the like, for actually getting into the shows.

Until then, happy reading, and, I guess, good luck!

(Until next time…)

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