Filling in the Blanks or the Theory of Twelve

FlowerWheelBarrel, originally uploaded by carolsLittleWorld.

It’s hard to do consistent work for a blog. Even a solid photographer can find it challenging at times-it’s just the nature of things-they come in cycles. Sometimes, we’re more creative, sometimes, less so.

Some people say that, even the finest of photographers takes only about 12 good images in their lifetime. If that’s the case, then what about the rest? Are they not good? Are they not “blog worthy?” When you combine the amount of images needed to do a blog, posting as frequently as we do, with the other work that we have on our plates (sending stuff out, framing, shooting, traveling, etc.) it can seem like an impossible task. But, we do it anyway.

Sometimes, in the course of doing this, we have to resort to what I call “filler.” If you don’t already know, you can probably guess what “filler” is-it’s those shots that weren’t quite good enough to make the first batch of editing. Maybe they aren’t horrible, maybe they aren’t a total mess, they just weren’t quite “there” in one way or another. We learn to edit, so we learn to cut these things out. But then, over the course of doing a blog or having to do a series of shows, or, for whatever reason, we sometimes have to resort to our “filler.” We have to drop down and pick from “tier 2” just to make our quota.

Now, that’s probably not really fair for you right? I mean, you’re expecting top notch images each and every day, but, the reality of the situation is, we just can’t produce that much output and still do what it is we do. Sorry to say, you’re going to get some “filler” every now and again.

So, lately anyway, it seems I’ve been in a bit of a “filler” mode. That doesn’t mean I’m going to stop doing what I do, no, it just means I’m busy and haven’t had time to output as much as I would like. I’ve got several big projects on the horizon, so I expect to be making more stuff soon, but it’s going to be a challenge to get to that point. I’m going to have to pick from that “tier 2” heap for a little while longer.

Besides, every now and then we get lucky and find a gem down in that heap-something we hadn’t noticed before and somehow just overlooked. Let’s hope my luck turns and I spot one of those lurking about, right?

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