Catching up/Ironing Out Free Associations

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I was a little bored today so I thought that I would catch up on my ironing. Speaking of today, it’s supposed to get down to something like 28 degrees tonight in River City. Twenty eight degrees, I remember then, I think they were some kind of a boy band back in the 80’s. Oh, how memory fades.

So, what have you been doing lately? Up to no good? Or doing good despite things not being up?

It seems like, lately anyway, I never get to converse with you anymore. I’m always posting some deep philosophical mumbo jumbo about the state of art in the free world or the price of tea in China.

Speaking of tea, actually, Starbucks, because nobody drinks tea anymore (well, nobody who admits it. I mean, I still do but you don’t hear me bragging about it. Well, not too often anyway. Well, crap, never if you discount this silly little blog) I had lunch with Scriber today. We went to check out a book store near where we work and putter about during lunchtime. I like to putter. Do you ever enjoy a good putter? It’s sometimes a lot nicer than moving so quickly all of the time.

Speaking of moving quickly, another dandy episode of Top Gear is on tonight, so I’ll keep this brief. Oh, how I wish I could putter with the Stig. We could even stop for a cup of tea. Heck, even if it’s only 28 degrees outside, he could hum boy band tunes to keep me warm. I’d even offer to iron his colored laundry. Oh wait, I guess he doesn’t really have any laundry now, does he? Hmm. Must be great to be the Stig, even if he never gets to putter about like the rest of us mere mortals. Oh well, almost time for me to putter off and go do something real again.

I should mention that, much to my excitement, I found my little “webway” book from England this morning. That’s news, isn’t it?

Well, ok, it’s not the state of the economy, the status of art in the free world, the price of tea in China, or even the real identity of Stiggy my love, but still, that’s almost news, isn’t it? I mean, it’s sort of approaching news in a free association “I’m almost news!” sort of a way. Isn’t it?

Bah. Nevermind. I don’t think you’re talking to me anymore. You up and left me with all of this ironing to do.

Until next, hey, it’s a dirty chore but somebody’s got to do it…



  1. mythopolis
    April 7, 2009 / 10:32 am

    If only I could iron out the wrinkles in my face!

  2. Scriber's Web
    April 7, 2009 / 11:17 am

    Lunch was good. It would have been better if we actually got to eat a real meal:)

  3. Ram Venkatararam
    April 7, 2009 / 4:15 pm

    28 degress (the temperature, not the boy band!) sounds nice to me. We just got another foot of snow (the precipitation, not the rapper)

  4. Carol
    April 14, 2009 / 5:33 pm

    @Ram, my other true love, is that you? Oh, how I’ve missed you. Te amo, te adoro, te quiero. (You are still in Mexico, right? Please tell me you are in Mexico and not in a prison cell down south Texas way?!?)

    @Scriber’s, it was still good, lunch was. It was so good, we just had to scarf it and bolt for the door. :~)

    @Mythos, I’m sure your wrinkles are beautiful. Just ducky those wrinkles are.

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