Of Thrones, Cathedrals, and Lost Causes

ThroneOfCathedral, originally uploaded by carolsLittleWorld.

This is the throne inside the Cathedral of Junk. It’s not a “real” throne, in that no proper king, knight, or any “government official” actually sits here, it’s just really a place to rest. I’m sure the guy who built the Cathedral got tired after a while, from hauling around all of that junk, and felt he needed a place to sit, so, there you have it.

Speaking on thrones, I once went to visit a proper throne in England. I went inside the Tower of London, where they have a few old thrones strewn about the place. I actually got a pretty decent photograph of that throne, one I’d love to be able to share with you, at this point in time, if only I could find it.

You see, after I got back from England (this was back in the days before we had things like Blurb and Moo to help us make books, and way before the entire scrap booking craze caught on) I decided I was going to make a book using photos from my trip. I purchased something called a “Webway album” (I swear, I am not making this up.) These were sort of cloth albums that a lot of wedding photographers used to make little presentation style books for their clients. Anyway, I got this “Webway album,” in a convenient 5×7 size, and then started printing my work from England.

The problem was, back then anyway, I used to shoot a lot of slide film and it was expensive to make prints from slides. They were gorgeous when they came back from the lab, but quite expensive. The book took me a while to prepare-just being able to afford all of the prints took a bit of time, skill, and saving pennies on my part. Finally, after months of saving and printing, I did complete the book, and it was a lovely book. Eventually, I was to complete little “Webway album” style books for many of my trips-I have one from Mexico, one from Santa Fe (first trip, not the last one-that last one was all Blurb) and a few other places I went to visit. It might sound a bit odd, since we now all live in the convenient, cheap, easy (yeah right) Blurb nation, but I used to really feel a sense of accomplishment whenever I finished one of my little “Webway” style books. I used to sort of cherish them-actually, you should say that I probably still do, even though they’re now outdated and replaced with far better output from the computer. There was something a bit special about holding them, and they were quite personal to me, since I had basically made them by hand.

So, getting back to my throne…I can find all of my “Webway” books, all of the little ones I made from Santa Fe and Mexico and odd places I went to see, or just sort of the “portfolio” ones I had made through the years. I enjoy all of them-all except for one. I cannot, for the life of me, find my little “Webway” book from England.

And, it’s killing me. I really liked that book. It was one of my favorites and now it’s gone. Damn.

It’s not like I can put out a lost and found ad. You know, something like, “Lost: Little “Webway” album featuring photos taken inside the Royal Albert Hall and some random odd shots of an old throne inside the Tower of London. Reward offered, no questions asked.” (Somehow, I doubt anyone in their right mind would respond to that.)

Even so, it goes without saying really but, should you happen upon a “Webway-ish” looking oddball collection of thrones from London, please do let me know. It might just be mine.

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  1. mythopolis
    March 25, 2009 / 5:41 pm

    I would imagine that by filling a house with layers of junk, the house becomes more energy-efficient because of walls insulated by layers of junk, and also because there is that much less air-space to heat and cool. If this could be demonstrated, then one might be eligible for stimulus money for increasing the energy efficient of one’s home! Serious junk collectors should look into this! : ) Cool Photo!

  2. Carol
    March 25, 2009 / 8:35 pm

    Thanks, Mythos!

    Actually, the Cathedral of Junk is more like a giant “statue” in the yard. The house is there and, tucked away in the backyard, is the giant cathedral.

    Still, it might be worth looking into…maybe he could get some kind of “artist’s grant” of some kind?

    “Stimulus money for the arts!” I say. Why should all of the overpriced bankers get all the money, right?

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