The Team

This is the spot where The Team usually plays. They gather their bats, their balls, their gloves, and they meet on this field, in front of this metal fence, for the love of the game. They don’t make any money doing this, rather they pay a bit of money over to the city for the “privilege” of using the facilities. They don’t get any fame or recognition for this, nobody pays them much mind-most people ignore them and just let them go about their way. They play for the love of the game. They meet here, each and every week, once the fog lifts-they suit up for their matches and follow their runs around the bases, striking out sometimes, other times getting hits, which fly off into the trees in the distance.

They say baseball is the great American pass-time. For over 100 years now, people have gathered in stadiums around the country, shared ballpark franks, cold beer, and endured a hard seat in the bleachers, just to catch a glimpse of the latest hot young rookie or the seasoned favorite professional, who make millions of dollars entertaining us with their athletic ability. You can easily sit at home, in the comfort of your living room, and enjoy a baseball game on TV.

The team who plays here will never become any of the famous people you’d see on your TV. Instead, they quietly partake in the game, the game that’s been celebrated now for centuries, as only they know how. They gather their bats, their balls, their gloves, and they meet on this field, in front of this metal fence. They gather in a small field, in an obscure park, and they play, not for money, not for fame, just for the love of the game.

This is The Team and this is where they play. I hope that you have a team where you live.

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  1. mythopolis
    February 9, 2009 / 12:45 am

    Nicely put…and brings up memories of playing as a kid…thanks.

  2. Carol
    February 9, 2009 / 11:12 pm

    Remember when baseball was about the game and not about the drugs? Ah, those were the “good old days” weren’t they?

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