Proof That I've Been Playing with Photoshop for too Long

FaceFrontBW, originally uploaded by carolsLittleWorld.

In today’s post, we present proof that I have been playing with Photoshop for too long and need to get out more. Ha! Got ya! Actually, you can sort of take this as a warning: the doll heads are back! The doll heads are back. Everybody run, the doll heads are back!

In other news, I went down to south Austin today to drop off some work at Studio2Gallery. It was great to ride around in my old ‘hood, really it was, even if I hardly recognize the place anymore. Hard to believe it but, yes, little old me used to live off of Banister Lane, just off of Ben White Boulevard, in the now famous 78704 zip code. The dollar movie’s gone but I bet you can still get good, cheap tacos there.

In other “playing around” news, I started my next web project this weekend. It’s off to a slow start but it’s alive and starting to come together. You can follow my progress if you like by visiting I won’t post a link because I don’t (yet) have a hit counter.

I wonder if the taco places in south Austin have “taco counters.” They probably do, but there’s not the same kind of “counter” actually. Though the idea does give a whole ‘nother meaning to the words “bean counter.” Guacamole, anyone?

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