Poor Little Buddy's On the Mend

ChaseFaceNo1, originally uploaded by carolsLittleWorld.

Poor curly sweet Chase. Yesterday, on the way to get his haircut, Chase started bleeding. We got Austin and Chase over to the groomers but we didn’t want to leave poor curly sweet Chase there with all the blood he had lost, so we dropped Austin off and took poor Chase to the vet.

The vet had to keep him all day. They ran some tests on him and everything looks normal. The consensus is that he has polyps. Not life threatening, at least no so far, but he’s on a restricted diet and they’ve given him antibiotics. The vet says he appears to be otherwise healthy. We were quite afraid for poor Chase, so I took it easy with him last night. He’s a bit groggy from his day out at the vet. It’s been mostly rest and easy petting for him, not his usually romping through the garden fighting with the weeds or chewing on Austin’s ears.

The vet says he was very good while there. They all thought he was “very cute” took him for walks and played with him all day. He probably enjoyed himself while we worried.

In typical “doggie” fashion, as soon as he got to the vet, he started feeling better. Let’s just hope he stays that way. Still no haircut either. Dang. That dog will do anything to get himself out of getting a new ‘do.

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