It's Christmas Eve and We've Been Here Before

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Merry Christmas everybody! It’s Christmas eve where I sit and I’m really enjoying it. It’s about 70 degrees and sunny, a beautiful day here in Cedar Park, Texas. I spent part of the day raking the leaves over at my family’s house and then ate too much and have been relaxing a bit.

I got a surprise today too, which is why you are seeing this photo, one I’ve used before, pop up again on the website. My blurb book arrived today. This image is featured on the cover, so I’m posting it again to the blog.

I hardly know what to say about the book. Such a Christmas present (to myself!) that is. It’s 170 pages called Drive and it’s all shots taken while driving, riding, or otherwise moving along in a car. It’s a “real” book and it’s impressive. I’m happy to have finished it. I feel as if I’ve given birth or some such thing. It was a large undertaking but, now that I can see it in print, I’m amazed. It’s lovely and I’m very proud of it.

The copy that I ordered was a “draft” copy, I intend to tweak it just a little bit and upload then the final version of the book. But, it’s quite amazing that book is. It’s really an honor to have, in my hands, a copy of my very own work, hardbound and packaged to enjoy.

I know that 2009 will bring more books, and this is actually not technically my first book, but it just feels so good. It’s really great sometimes to be able to hold your work, step back, and enjoy it. Sometimes I feel as if I’m always sending stuff off to galleries, always printing for this or that, that I never get the opportunity to enjoy my own work. I only get to catch a glimpse of it as it’s being crated and carted off to some show somewhere, that I cannot attend or, you know, somebody wants it for something so I must send it off in a hurry, to meet the next big deadline. It’s nice to step back, relax, and actually look at my own work for a change.

I’ll post a link here once the final version is available, but, for now, I just wanted to share with you how it feels. It’s a happy feeling, a happy end to an otherwise pleasant day, and I hope you are having the same, on this, Christmas eve, where ever you are.

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