You Go, You Go, and then You Don't

In the “but what will we make fun of now?” department, the good people of Serbia announced this week that it’s an end of an era. Yes, it’s true, snowflakes, we must bow our heads in a moment of silence out of respect for that ultimate tribute to inferior craftsmanship, that bastion of bad taste, that beastly bucket of bolts known the world over as “the Yugo.” From this article the last of the, ahem, “great” Yugos has rolled off the line. Oh, be still my heart.

I think the funniest Yugo movie scene has to be Dan Ackroyd in Dragnet, when he gets a police issue Yugo to replace a series of totaled vehicles. Just as he refers to the car as, “the best that Serbo-Croatian technology has to offer” the door handle falls off in his hands. Ah, yes, the Yugo, how can we forget the Yugo? It’s even sort of aptly named: The Yugo. You go, You go, and then you don’t.

Even with all the hoopla surrounding its departure, I’m going to miss that little beast. I mean, it really was the worst of the lot, and that earns a certain respect in my book. I know I’ve driven some craptastic buckets of bolts in my days but, man, there was always the notion that, somewhere out there, in the great highway of life, there was an even shittier Yugo darting about or, even worse, not even turning over and, hey, mine was at least (usually) running (or, you know, hobbling along on a little doughnut, as the case may be.) I mean, what are we going to say now, instead of, “it could be worse, we could be stuck in a Yugo?” I’m sorry but, “hey, this could be a…Ford Escort or Dodge Neon” doesn’t have the same aura of complete junk about it. I mean, those are almost good cars as compared to the complete piece of crap once known the world over as the Yugo.

We need a new high in lows, to replace the poor little cars that couldn’t.

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